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Generate Creative and Engaging Content Based on Themes, Styles, and Target Audiences; Tailored Ad Copies for Specific Advertising Platforms

Content Creator

Article Generator, Content Rewriting, Paragraph Generator, Thesis Rewriting... Meeting Various Writing Scenarios

Businesses and Students

AI Generates Articles, Theses, Reports, Emails, and Various Text Scenarios; Quickly Summarizes and Extracts Key Information, Saving Time and Effort

SEO Optimizers

Distinct from the free version of ChatGPT and its competitors, GenApe references real-time internet data to generate SEO-optimized articles with titles, outlines, and content all in one go.

Social Media Managers

Genape can generate content that aligns with both the audience's demographics and the theme across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, and other video platforms.

Video Content Creators

From creating eye-catching video intros and captivating opening statements to planning out complete video scripts and even optimizing SEO for your audiovisual channels, GenApe serves as your exclusive AI video assistant.

Comparison of AI Tools

Comparison of AI Writing Tools

AI ToolGenApeChatGPTWriteSonic
LanguagesSupport English and Chinese users. Optimized for Chinese UsersSupport English and Chinese users.Support English and Chinese users.
Free PlanYYY
Pricing$17 , $19 / mo$20 / mo$20 / mo
Official ReceiptYNN
AI writing tool
Number of AI writing tools60+N60+
Entry thresholdSimplify the process; find the corresponding tools to generate content effortlessly.Complex instructions are required to generate ideal content.Simplify the process; find the corresponding tools to generate content effortlessly.
Web AccessYNY
Content ImproverYNY
SEO-Friendly Content CreationYNY
Custom TemplateYYN
Brand VoiceYNY
AI Document EditorYNY
ChatGPT-Like ChatApeYYY
AI image tool
Text to ImageYYY
Fix blurry ImageYNN

Advantages of GenApe

AI Tools Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Official AI assistants

60+ AI Templates to Meet Various Writing Tasks

AI Document Editor

All-in-One Integrated Image and Text Editing Features

AI Image Generator

Simple Propmts to Creating Stunning Images


ChatApe for the Latest Updates


User Reviews from Around the World

Tracy Hu
Tracy Hu
Marketing Director
Read More
Ever since using GenApe's ad copy generator, my team has been able to reduce marketing and advertising copywriting time by 30% per week. Moreover, GenApe offers AI templates tailored specifically for different platforms, such as Google Ads and Facebook ads, making it highly practical for e-commerce industries engaged in daily advertising. I strongly recommend this AI writing tool.
Business Owner
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With a considerable amount of copy and press releases needing to be written weekly in my company, I opted for GenApe for its extensive functionalities. I believe GenApe is currently the most powerful Traditional Chinese writing tool on the market. It's more attuned to the tone used by Chinese users compared to other AI writing tools. My team members find GenApe very user-friendly, and I often use it myself for writing emails. I believe GenApe is truly a tool that can enhance efficiency for businesses.
Liliy yang
Liliy yang
Read More
I really enjoy GenApe's article outline generator; the outlines it generates give me a lot of inspiration. The paragraph writing feature also saves me a lot of time in writing. Moreover, its interface is very simple to use; I don't need to learn a bunch of commands, just a few clicks, and I can generate the content I want. It's very easy for me, and I believe GenApe is definitely worth trying for every writer.
John D.
John D.
Senior SEO Marketer
Read More
As an SEO writer, before using GenApe, it took me over two hours to write 3000 words, and with the time spent on research, it could take up to three hours to complete an article. However, after using GenApe, I can finish writing in just an hour and a half, and GenApe can even help me rewrite content until it generates content that satisfies me. I highly recommend this copy generator.
E-commerce Community Editor
Read More
Everyone must try Brand Voice! For my job of writing a large number of advertising copies on various social media platforms, being able to easily switch between different writing styles is incredibly convenient! I am very satisfied with this product and strongly recommend it to friends who need writing support.
Graduate Student
Read More
Highly recommend the paper conclusion feature! When writing papers, it's often difficult to conclude well. Using the AI paper generator saves me a lot of time and generates highly professional paper conclusions. If you're like me, still struggling with writing papers, I highly recommend it.
Marketing Specialist
Read More
I highly recommend the FB ad post generator. As a marketing specialist, I understand how important exposure on social media is. After using AI to generate post content that the audience wants to see, the conversion rate of FB ads has noticeably increased. I strongly suggest you give it a try too!
Read More
I didn't know anything about making YouTube videos at first, but luckily I had GenApe to help me! As everyone knows, short videos are very popular now. After using GenApe's attention-grabbing video intros, because of having a sufficiently attractive video opening, I feel the audience's viewing time has increased, and I consistently gain a few more subscribers every week. I highly recommend creators to use it.
Elsa he
Elsa he
SEO Writer
Read More
As an SEO writer, my goal is to improve the website ranking of every client. So, I mostly use GenApe's Ads & Marketing templates, which can help me write Meta Descriptions. And I was worried that AI tools would be expensive, but GenApe is not only affordable but also incredibly easy to use!
Business Owner
Read More
As the owner of a small business, I chose to promote products by making YouTube videos because I had GenApe's YouTube templates to help me. Not only is the interface very simple and easy to understand, but it can also write outlines, intros, and even entire video scripts, saving me a lot of time from figuring things out myself. It's really user-friendly!


Content Improver

Custom rewriting, expanding, and shortening of content within 4000 characters: easily rewrite input content, files, and URLs.

E-commerce Product Titles

Generate eye-catching product titles with one click, meeting consumer needs and boosting sales effortlessly.

Facebook Post

Create captivating Facebook posts, precisely targeting your audience to quickly enhance reach and conversion rates.

Essay Conclusion

Craft powerful and persuasive essay conclusions that resonate with the entire text.

Paragraph Generator

Quickly generate unique and content-rich paragraphs by entering brief key points.

Blog Post Outline

Enter an article title to instantly generate an SEO-friendly outline, helping you write articles quickly.


Common Questions

GenApe can serve various purposes, such as writing blog articles, website content, e-commerce content, social media posts, and other types of content.

If you have any further suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact us.

In addition to Traditional Chinese and English content, AI writing now supports over 10 languages, including Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Indian, French, German, Spanish, and Russian.

You can use the Brand Voice to create a dedicated task template.

Yes, you can click to watch the interface introduction videos on GenApe’s official YouTube channel.

Rest assured, the content generated by GenApe is original and will never be plagiarized.

Yes, you can use the generated content anywhere, including for commercial purposes.

You can cancel the annual or monthly plan at any time, but please note that we cannot provide refunds for all subscription plans.

We offer a full refund if you cancel your subscription within 5 days of the initial purchase without using any tokens. However, don’t worry, you can change or cancel your plan at any time if you need to.

Note: Refunds are not automatic; you need to contact us directly within five days to request a refund.

No, the free trial does not require a credit card and will not automatically become a paid version.

Yes, regardless of the subscription plan you choose, GenApe provides official invoices.

The differences between team plans and creator plans lie in the number of generated tokens, AI image generation counts, custom AI assistants, and writing styles. Creator plans come with more sets available for use.

You can contact us through the following channels: FacebookIGLine. We have dedicated personnel to assist you.


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