AI Assistant - Personalized Task Requirements Creation

Easy to use, intuitive interface
The straightforward and practical GPTS.

Convenient operation, effortlessly establish task templates.

Any idea, any need
Just input and achieve.

Personalized task requirements 100%
custom template

GenApe Custom AI Assistant Features

Intuitive user interface

No need for cumbersome commands,simply customize your unique AI assistant based on the process.

Knowledge Base

Uploading specific data to customize the knowledge base of the AI assistant can result in more professional generated content.

Efficiency Partner

With the task templates of the custom AI assistant, achieving your goals is as simple as a few straightforward commands.

GenApe Custom AI Assistant

Ultimate, more efficient content generation experience.

How to Generate Higher Quality Content?

Provide precise and detailed task instructions; the more specific they are, the more aligned the generated results will be with your needs!


What are the knowledge and Capabilities?

Upload knowledge base documents to enhance the excellence of the generated results. Whether you desire rich multimedia content or a strengthened tone and voice, it’s all tailored to your needs.

Custom AI Assistant Creation Steps


Input the task content

Outline the task instructions based on your desired objectives, then confirm them and press the "Create Template" button.


Wait for the AI assistant to be generated.

Just wait a moment, and GenApe will generate a personalized AI assistant according to your task requirements.


Provide detailed information

After the template is generated, you may need to input more detailed task requirements. Users only need to follow the fields step by step, making the process extremely easy and straightforward.


After completing the form, press 'Finish'.

Once you've double-checked the filled-in content for accuracy, simply press the "Finish" button, and your personalized AI assistant will be successfully created!


Complete the creation of the custom AI assistant

After creation, you'll find the newly established task template in the custom AI assistant interface. Users can also select different membership plans according to their needs to increase the number of templates they can create.

GenApe Custom AI Assistant

Creativity and inspiration refined to excellence.

Why use GenApe custom AI assistants?

Because GenApe's custom AI assistant can...

Achieve specified task objectives

Complete specific task requirements in just a few simple steps.

Multiple exclusive task templates

Capable of simultaneously creating multiple task templates.

Offers a variety of selectable languages for generation

Capable of generating content in multiple languages according to requirements.

Boost work efficiency

Similar tasks can be repeatedly achieved within the custom AI assistant for consistent task requirements.

Ready to create your custom AI assistant?

Start using GenApe now to generate endless possibilities with artificial intelligence.