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Input Prompts, Materialize Creativity

"Luffy becomes a real person, smiling at the camera, sporting a beard, with a hint of wrinkles on his face, Kodak film"

Creativity Level 100%

You can try out user prompts

"Japanese girl, short brown hair, beauty mark, amber eyes, summer, round eyes, 17 years old, under the sunlight, real skin texture"

"two dogs playing in the living room, animated style, adorable, wagging tails, wearing collars"

"braised pork rice, dilicious, piled high with minced meat, realistic style, strong color contrast"

"anime girl, red curly hair, princess, freckles, dark fairy tale"

Five Styles At Once

Oil Painting
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GenApe 基因猿

Explore Infinite Possibilities

AI Text To Image

Spark your creative inspiration with just a few simple prompts. Generate realistic and high-quality AI images in seconds.

Background Changer

With just one product image, you can instantly remove the background and replace it with professional AI background, making your product images more attractive and professional. Whether it’s for creating e-commerce graphics, advertising images, or product posters, it’s extremely practical

Fix Blurry Image

Supported file formats: JPG, PNG, WebP, BMP.Whether it’s a blurry photo, an old yellowed photo, or a low-resolution image, with just one click, you can instantly enhance the image quality.

Why people use GenApe AI Image Generator?

GenApe allows you to effortlessly shape your own image: simply write down the image description you desire, and you'll receive vivid and engaging visuals.

UGC : Browsing Popular Images

Browsing Others' Works to Spark Creative Inspiration

Generate five images at once

Better catering to your creative needs

Chinese/English interface

Supports input in both Chinese and English commands, with excellent Chinese comprehension

Enhance prompt

Growth Narratives, Enhancing the Perfection of Generated Works

How to use GenApe AI Image Generator?

Log in to GenApe "Image Ape"> "Text to Image"

If you don’t have an account, you can create a new one for free.You’ll receive a  number of generation tokens.

Input Prompt

In the prompt field, enter the content you want to see, the more detailed, the better.

Generate Image

Choose the desired image size and quantity, click the “Generate” button, and you’ll see the results in a few seconds.

Downloading and Sharing Images

Once your masterpiece is complete, click the download button at the top of the image to save it to your device in JPEG.

GenApe 基因猿

Bring Your Imagination to Life

AI Image FAQs

AI-Generative Art involves using artificial intelligence to create artwork. Users can generate images that meet their specifications by inputting prompts or conditions.

AI images can be used for commercial purposes, but not all AI-generated images are suitable for commercial use. It depends on the circumstances. Some AI art generators may restrict commercial use to subscribed users only. Detailed usage instructions should be followed in accordance with the terms of service.

AI-generated images’ copyright ownership can vary depending on the terms and conditions set by the developers of the generation tool. Some companies may assert ownership over the generated content, while others may stipulate that the copyright belongs to the user. The specifics can differ, and sometimes they are not clearly defined. Even if AI is used as an assisting tool in the creative process, determining whether the resulting work meets the standards of originality can be challenging. However, rest assured that content generated by GenApe is original and free from plagiarism.

To generate realistic AI images, you can achieve this through prompts. The input prompts must be specific and clear to help the AI better understand and output the desired results.