What is AI continue writing, and can we use it for profitable storytelling?


In this era of content marketing, creators are not only focused on content quality but also on speed and efficiency. AI continue writing, an emerging technology in content creation, has also caught the attention of many content creators.

In this article, we will explain what AI continue writing is, how to use it to create content, and explore whether it can bring us commercial value.

What is AI continue writing

AI continue writing is a method of writing that utilizes artificial intelligence technology.

The creator inputs some text, and then the AI automatically generates the rest of the content.

The principle behind AI continue writing is to establish its own language model by extracting content from major websites and then predicting and generating based on the text input by the user.

Famous AI continue writing websites include ChatGPT, NovelAI, Caiyunai, and Dahuaba.

AI continue writing technology is still developing and improving, but its applications have already had a profound impact on fields such as literature, news, and advertising, and have raised questions about whether AI continue writing will replace human creativity.

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How to use AI continue writing

If you want to use AI continue writing to create content, you need to pay attention to instruction usage, content polishing, and appropriate use. Below, we will explain in detail.

AI continue writing instructions are key

When using AI continue writing, the instructions issued by the creator are very important.

When setting instructions, the following factors need to be considered:

  • The theme and purpose of the article
  • The format and style of the article
  • The length and word count of the article

Only by giving clear and appropriate instructions can AI continue writing correctly generate articles that meet the requirements.

AI continue writing Instruction 1
AI continue writing Instruction 1

We used both simple instructions and the 深津式 prompt, and as shown in the two comparison images, giving good instructions has a significant impact on the quality of the content generated by AI continue writing.

AI continue writing Instruction 2
AI continue writing Instruction 2

AI-generated content requires manual refinement

While AI continue writing can quickly generate a large amount of content, we cannot guarantee that all of it will have a high level of quality. Therefore, after using AI continue writing to generate content, we still need to manually edit it to ensure the correctness and readability of the content.

This step is very important because the creator is ultimately responsible for the work, not the AI article generator.

Proper Use of AI continue writing

Although AI continue writing can improve the efficiency of content creation, we should not overly rely on it. Here are some suggestions for using AI continue writing:

  • Properly control the frequency of use: Currently, the role of AI continue writing is that of a writing assistant rather than a creator. As creators, we should appropriately control the frequency of use to avoid over-reliance.
  • Ensure originality of content: The content generated by AI continue writing is produced by heavily scraping and remixing others’ works, so it is important to ensure originality and avoid infringing on others’ copyrights.
  • Pay attention to grammar and semantics: AI continue writing is still developing and may occasionally produce errors in grammar and semantics, requiring human review and correction.”

Can AI-generated writing be profitable?

Profitability is a critical factor to consider when creating content. So, can we make a profit from the content generated by AI continue writing? The answer is yes.

In fact, many industries, including news, advertising, bloggers, YouTubers, and various content creators, have already started using content produced by AI continue writing to make a profit. They use AI continue writing to increase the efficiency of content creation, saving a significant amount of time and labor costs.

AI continue writing has gradually become an indispensable tool for us. Instead of being afraid of it, we should learn how to use AI continue writing to help us create value. In addition to its efficiency, AI continue writing can help us break through our own thinking limitations, increase the diversity and creativity of content, and enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness of our works.

As long as we use AI continue writing appropriately, ensuring the correctness, originality, and inclusion of our unique perspectives and opinions, AI continue writing can bring significant commercial value to content creators.

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