How To Use AI Text, Images, Videos Generators for Creative Content

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The use of AI generators for text, images, videos, and other creative works has become a new trend among many creators. With advancing technology, AI generation techniques have expanded beyond scientific fields and have now integrated into various aspects of human life.

What is AI generator?

AI Generators refer to tools that utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to automatically generate specific content. They have become a new and innovative way to assist content creation. In various creative domains such as text, images, music, and videos, AI generators provide valuable support for creators. With just a few key inputs, these generators can produce artworks, texts, music, and more in a matter of seconds. AI writing, AI music composition, AI video generation, and AI drawing are some of the hottest topics in the creative field lately. As AI technology continues to advance, AI generators in all fields are continuously improving and growing. Utilizing these AI generators has become a vital exploration direction in many industries and domains today.

What Fields Can AI Generators Be Applied to?

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, AI generators have been widely used in various fields.

  • Cultural and artistic:AI generators play a significant role in creating diverse works such as novels, poetry, and music. By harnessing AI technology, these generators can learn and replicate various literary and musical styles, resulting in creations that closely resemble those produced by human writers and musicians. For instance, ChatGPT can automatically generate novels and poems in a wide range of styles, while Soundful can offer original music tailored to specific genres.
  • Game development: AI generators can generate various game content and levels, greatly reducing the development difficulty. Moreover, AI generators can provide more intelligent conversations between NPCs and players, and by generating game content and levels in real-time, they can enhance the replay value and playability of games.
  • Architectural Design: AI generators can generate architectural designs and interior decorations. By learning from a large amount of design data, AI generators can generate architectural design proposals that meet design standards and client requirements based on factors such as building sites, architectural styles, functional needs, and environmental conditions. This significantly improves the efficiency of designers.
  • Business Applications: AI generators also have significant value in the business field, especially in advertising creativity and product design. Using AI generators can greatly shorten the time for creative and design processes, helping businesses generate ideas and design solutions quickly, saving time and costs.

Overall, using AI generators as a creative aid has become an efficient and convenient mode of creation. They can assist people in completing various tasks faster and better in various fields.

Main Types and Recommendations of AI Generators

AI generators can be applied in various fields, from culture and art to business applications. Here, we will introduce the four main types of AI generators and recommend popular AI tools for a deeper understanding.

AI Text Generator: ChatGPT

An AI text generator can learn from vast amounts of text data and generate new text based on that information. Whether it’s a simple sentence or a complete article of varying lengths, AI text generators can generate relevant content by inputting keywords. They are used in various text-related domains such as news writing, advertising, business documents, novels, and poetry. AI text generators like ChatGPT enable writers to easily produce high-quality articles, headlines, product descriptions, and more, thereby enhancing work efficiency and reducing costs.

ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI text generators today. It is a conversation generator based on natural language processing technology. Capable of automatically generating various styles of novels, poetry, and other texts, ChatGPT stands out from other AI text generators not only in producing high-quality content but also in engaging in meaningful conversations. Its language expression is indistinguishable from that of a regular person. Moreover, ChatGPT can be applied to many other tasks, such as text summarization, machine translation, and question-answering systems.

AI Image Generator: DALL·E 2, Midjourney

Image generators have experienced explosive growth since 2022. These generators utilize powerful artificial intelligence technology to learn from massive amounts of data and generate highly realistic images. In addition to image generation, AI image generators offer functions like image restoration, super-resolution, and style transfer. They significantly enhance the work efficiency of designers, artists, and others who require image generation capabilities for creating new artworks, virtual scenes, and more.

Among AI image generators, DALL·E 2 and Midjourney are remarkable representatives. DALL·E 2, introduced by OpenAI, is the first AI image generator that can transform textual descriptions into images. Even with a simple textual description or a few words, it can generate detailed and rich images, sometimes defying common sense.

Midjourney is another popular AI image generator capable of automatically generating images that match textual descriptions. It excels in generating various subjects, including animals, landscapes, and characters. Moreover, it can transform portraits into cartoon-style comic characters. These functionalities find widespread application in advertising, design, art, and other domains.

AI Music Generator: Soundful, Shutterstock

AI music generators create new musical compositions by learning and analyzing a vast amount of melody, rhythm, and harmony data. They cover a wide range of music styles and types, from classical to popular music and from solo piano to orchestral arrangements. For those in need of music composition, AI can help generate original music quickly, thereby improving work efficiency. Musicians and producers can focus on creating their unique musical styles.

The first recommended AI music generator is Soundful. It allows machine learning models to generate highly realistic music and produce different types of music based on user preferences and requirements, including background music, advertising music, and film scores. By providing a few keywords and basic information, Soundful can generate music that aligns with the input.

Another recommended AI music generator is Shutterstock, a renowned provider of images and videos that has also ventured into music generation. Shutterstock has incorporated Amper Music into its services. Their AI music generator can create music in various styles, including electronic, classical, and popular music. The Shutterstock music generator supports multiple input methods, including voice input and selection of genres and emotions.

AI Image Generators: DeepBrain AI, Synthesia

Image is the ultimate representation of AI generators, as it may require the simultaneous generation of images, audio, and text. AI Image Generators have improved the traditional video production process by allowing users to input text or even scripts to generate videos with a single click, including automatic editing and high-quality visual effects such as 3D animation, special effects composition, and facial and object recognition within the video.

Firstly, let’s introduce DeepBrain AI, an AI platform specialized in generating images and videos. By utilizing custom video descriptions provided by users, it can produce lifelike images and videos. From realistic landscapes to abstract art, the platform offers a wide range of video styles. Additionally, DeepBrain AI provides an open API, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate AI image generation technology into their applications.

Next, let’s talk about Synthesia, an AI-driven video generation platform that transforms text into lifelike videos. Anyone can easily use it to create compelling videos. Synthesia utilizes cutting-edge deep learning technology to produce realistic voiceovers and videos. From simple corporate promotions to more intricate film productions, Synthesia rapidly generates various styles with ease.

What Are the Advantages and Concerns of AI Generators?

Throughout the exploration and application of AI generators, the focus has always been on their advantages, but we also need to consider the concerns associated with them. By understanding these advantages and concerns, we can make better use of AI generators.

Advantages of AI generators

  • Improve efficiency: AI generators can quickly learn from vast amounts of data, enabling rapid generation of large volumes of text, images, music, and more. This is highly beneficial for businesses and individuals that require extensive content generation.
  • High precision: AI generators can learn from extensive data sets and generate highly accurate and realistic content. This reduces error rates, minimizes repetitive work, and enhances creativity and product quality.

Concerns of AI Generators

  • Limited Creativity: AI generators are typically limited to generating new content based on existing data, thus restricting creativity and being unable to fully replace human creativity.
  • Racial Bias: AI generators learn from data, which may reflect biases related to race, gender, and other factors. Therefore, more data processing and validation are required.

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