4 Best AI Drawing Prompt Generators to Boost Your AI Creativity


AI-generated image technology has progressed significantly with advancements in the four major cores (machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and large language models). AI can create images of AI-generated beauties, AI-generated anime, or AI-generated videos through text prompts. However, how can AI Prompts be configured to meet creative needs? This article will introduce how to set up AI drawing prompts and recommend drawing incantation generators to add more possibilities to your creations.

What is AI Prompt?

AI Prompt is a generative AI drawing prompt instructing AI to perform specific tasks through natural language text requests. This solution utilizes large machine learning models based on deep neural networks of deep learning. These models support the creation of various new content, including stories, conversations, videos, images, and music. Generative AI, using large language models, enables summarizing documents, completing sentences, answering questions, and even language translation, generating the best results based on user input through prediction

How to write AI art prompts?8 Techniques for Writing Effective AI Prompts

For those with AI image needs, creating excellent AI art prompts is crucial for better understanding and outputting the desired results. It’s beneficial to use vivid prompts to inspire AI creativity. Additionally, adjusting the length and complexity of prompts can affect the style and depth of generated content. Here are 8 techniques for writing effective AI Prompts:

  1. Clearly describe the theme.
  2. Specify key details like color, shape, size, etc.
  3. Determine style and atmosphere requirements.
  4. Provide relevant references.
  5. Avoid excessive complexity.
  6. Use clear text.
  7. Try interaction and adjustments.
  8. Utilize external tools like AI image generators.

If you want to generate high-quality images with simple prompts, you should try GenApe. GenApe is not only easy to use but also supports Chinese prompts, making it a user-friendly AI tool for Chinese speakers!

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Best AI Image Generator Websites

While many AI art websites can quickly generate image materials, effective prompts are essential for meeting creative needs. Here are 4 high-quality AI image generators to help you write effective AI art prompts!

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ChatGPT AI Art Prompt

ChatGPT, as a powerful language model, can also be used for AI drawing prompts. Set ChatGPT as an AI art prompt generator, provide prompts based on your needs, and, for a more professional approach, train ChatGPT by giving it references to find suitable prompts online. Here are simple steps and an example of an AI drawing prompt.

  1. Declare to ChatGPT that its role is an AI image generator
  2. In the text block, articulate the desired content and how it should be presented (enclosed in 【】)
  3. Provide examples for ChatGPT to reference

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Krea.ai Reverse AI Image Prompt

If you need help starting an AI image prompt or have seen stunning AI-generated images, you can use Krea.ai to reverse input and discover suitable prompt phrases.

Upload an AI drawing to Krea.ai, click the “Enhance” button, and let Krea.ai suggest prompts based on the image!

In addition to reversing AI prompts, Kea.ai allows users to click the “Generate” button in the center at the top. By utilizing a drawing approach, Krea.ai can assist in modifying and illustrating. Feel free to give it a try. Kea.ai website: https://www.krea.ai/.

CLIP Interrogator Reverse AI Art Prompts

CLIP Interrogator is a tool that combines OpenAI’s CLIP and Salesforce’s BLIP. It can reverse AI drawing prompts, providing insights for artists and designers. Use the “Analyze” button to understand the effects presented in a photo.

CLIP Interrogator Reverse AI Art Prompts
CLIP Interrogator Reverse AI Art Prompts

CLIP Interrogator Website:https://huggingface.co/spaces/pharmapsychotic/CLIP-Interrogator

PromptHero AI Prompt Sharing Platform

PromptHero is a sharing platform with a collection of image-generation prompt resources. Explore prompts by style or tool category like Portraits, Photography, Anime, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or DALL-E, find inspiration, and interact by liking or sharing to expand creative possibilities.

PromptHero AI Prompt Sharing Platform
PromptHero AI Prompt Sharing Platform

PromptHero AI Prompt Website:https://prompthero.com/

AI Image Prompt Examples

After introducing 4 useful AI tools, let’s try the obtained prompts to see what images they generate. Using GenApe, an AI text-to-image tool, examples from ChatGPT, Krea.ai, CLIP Interrogator, and PromptHero AI Prompts are showcased, demonstrating excellent output.

AI Image Prompt Examples
AI Image Prompt Examples

Recommended AI Image Tool: GenApe

GenApe is recommended as an AI drawing generator that creates AI-generated images and features an “Enhance Your Description” function to solve the dilemma of crafting AI drawing prompts. Additionally, GenApe provides valuable templates for article writing, addressing the creative needs of digital marketers. Click here to unleash your creativity!

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