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The technology of Leonardo.AI image generation has now matured, enabling the creation of unique and engaging images through text. Human-like AI drawing and generating beautiful women are no longer challenges. These applications can imbue photos with various styles and effects. This article elucidates the concept of AI character generation, introducing six powerful applications for AI character generation, and systematically presenting the features and results of AI portraits.

What is AI Character Generation?

AI character generation represents a process where artificial intelligence (AI) techniques give life to fictional or simulated personas. AI character generation can take on the forms of imagery, text, or sound, typically grounded in copious data and machine learning algorithms.

The application fields of AI character generation technology are widespread, spanning across entertainment, art, education, and other domains. However, its usage demands caution to prevent its exploitation for the creation of false information. Hence, strict adherence to ethical standards is imperative.

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What are the recommendations for AI character generation?

The realm of AI character generation presents an abundance of recommendations, with numerous outstanding applications and websites to explore, such as Perfect Camera, Photo Master, Meitu, LINE AI Selfie, Myedit, and EPIK App. These platforms swiftly employ AI to create stunning portrayals of individuals and lifelike AI-drawn characters. Below, we offer an overview of AI character generation applications:

Play Beauty Camera

The Perfect Camera is a mobile application available for both iOS and Android systems. Apart from being a photo editing camera itself, it can transform your selfies into astonishing works of art or directly upload portrait photos for AI character generation. The main features of this application include AI virtualization, multi-style portrait drawing styles, AI stylists, and more, turning an ordinary photo into a piece full of artistic value.

  • AI Virtual Persona: With the PlayMemories camera, you can upload 10-15 high-resolution self-portraits, and in approximately 20 minutes, witness the marvel of AI portraiture synthesis, all attainable for the cost of a single cup of coffee.
  • Portrait Art Styles: You may choose from both male and female subjects, with a selection spanning over twenty distinctive styles, such as aristocratic and caricature renditions. Additionally, it offers support for crafting avatars of pets.
  • AI Virtuoso: Even with a tool as simple as Perfect Camera, one can craft a graduation portrait exuding the nostalgic charm of the 1990s. Such artistry is attainable with a mere expenditure ranging from 30 to 90 units of currency, yielding instant gratification.
Play Beauty Camera


The latest feature of GenApe involves AI-generated images. By inputting image descriptions, users can generate AI-rendered characters, including beautiful women, with incredibly realistic background scenes. Currently, there are five available sizes to choose from, and users can select between landscape, portrait, and square orientations, with a maximum selection of five images. A 14-day free trial is provided, and for continued use, there are three subscription plans available.

For instance, if I wish to utilize AI portrait generation to depict a beautiful woman, I would input keywords associated with beauty, slender physique, engaged in dessert making, color schemes, and the like. Consequently, it would assist in producing stunning depictions of women.

GenApe AI Character Generation
GenApe AI Character Generation

Photo Master

The Photo Master tool harnesses the power of AI to generate portraits. By uploading 13 to 20 facial photos, Photo Master will transform them into portraits, offering a total of 44 AI portrait styles including cartoon and animation styles, along with selectable templates. It’s crucial to ensure clear facial features in the photos chosen; otherwise, smaller facial features may not translate effectively into portraits.

Photo Master

Meitu XiuXiu

The MeituPic app offers AI portrait creation features (AI painting and versatile AI portraits), allowing photos to be transformed into artistic-style portraits without any charge, and the generation speed is fast. However, to unlock more styles of generated images, payment is required. MeituPic also supports various types of photos such as landscape photos and pet photos, and processed works can be downloaded to your phone’s album for easy sharing with friends.

Utilizing the versatile AI portrait feature of Meitu XiuXiu:

Firstly, you simply need to upload at least three personal photographs that you are satisfied with. Then, choose the gender—female, male, girl, or boy. Following this, payment is required, and you will be able to download the AI-generated portraits to your mobile device. In less than five minutes, you will immediately have several personalized AI portrait photos at your disposal.

The Metamorphic AI Portraiture by Meitu XiuXiu

Employ the artistic capabilities of Meitu Xiuxiu’s AI painting functionality.

Meitu XiuXiu’s AI image generation capabilities extend to both image-to-image and text-to-image generation. In this demonstration, we showcase the transformation of portrait images. Simply upload a portrait photograph, and after a brief moment for system processing, within seconds, you will behold not only the original image but also three additional renditions in distinct AI artistic styles, such as a sunny landscape or a comic-style illustration.

The artistic endeavor with Meitu XiuXiu's AI painting feature

Engage in LINE’s AI-enabled self-portraiture.

The messaging application LINE not only offers chat functionality, but it also boasts a captivating AI self-portrait feature. Without the need for additional application downloads, one may simply navigate to the LINE profile and access the ‘AI Self-portrait’ function. By uploading 5 to 20 facial photographs and selecting a preferred style, including dreamy, artistic, elegant, fashionable, and basic styles, the AI portrait generator will craft distinctive and alluring images, thus rendering AI-driven beauty.

The pricing structure for LINE AI selfies is contingent upon the efficiency of generation. If you produce 100 AI portraits within 24 hours, you’ll be required to pay 130 tokens. For expedited processing, necessitating swifter results, a payment of 260 LINE tokens is required. Some online tests have indicated that the fastest processing time could be as short as 7 minutes, with the downloaded AI portraits remaining accessible for one year.

MyEdit AI character generation

MyEdit offers AI-generated characters without the need for providing photos. Simply input your desired character concept, and a character design blueprint will be created. Additionally, you can select the desired character type, suitable for various social media profile pictures, AI portrait works, and more.

The process of generating AI portraits is remarkably straightforward. Simply select your preferred AI artistic style, such as natural, watercolor, or fantasy. Then, upload the photo you’d like to transform into an AI portrait, preferably opting for a single subject. In a matter of seconds, your AI-generated portrait will be ready.

MyEdit, on the other hand, distinguishes itself with its emphasis on safeguarding the privacy of photo uploads, boasting a more comprehensive protection of personal information. Users can, therefore, confidently partake in its services without concern for potential privacy breaches.


The primary function of the EPIK App in AI portraiture is to produce the iconic 1990s American-style big headshot trend, featuring celebrities such as Chen Yi-han and Lee Hyo-ri. It also has the capability to craft stunning American-style identification photos.

Utilizing the AI Yearbook feature within the EPIK App, you may upload 8-12 meticulously captured personal facial photographs. Following this, you can specify your gender and proceed to select your desired American-style identification photograph template. It is worth noting that the cost of this AI portrait generation service varies based on the speed of delivery. For the Standard package priced at 120 Chinese yuan, you can expect your photos to be provided within 24 hours. Alternatively, the Express package, priced at 190 Chinese yuan, guarantees delivery within a swift 2-hour timeframe.

The AI Maestro

The primary function of AI Painter is to generate world-renowned artworks using AI-generated characters, rather than comic or AI-drawn human features. Moreover, compared to other apps, AI Painter boasts a distinctive style. Users have the option to engage in camera mode for capturing photos or utilize existing photos for creation. Beyond portrait production, it also offers the option to transform landscape photos into masterpieces.

While a free version is available for use, each upgrade to the premium edition entails viewing an advertisement lasting nearly one minute. Opting to bypass these ads is possible through an upgrade. You may observe below that the generated images bear a striking resemblance to masterpieces.

AI Maestro for Character Generation

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AI Portrait Generation Recommendations

For those seeking lifelike AI drawing and portrait generation, Genape comes highly recommended. With the ability to create images of various sizes simply by inputting text, along with over 50 text writing templates available for use, it proves to be an exceptional aide in your endeavors.

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