Top 5 Best AI Video Generators in 2024

AI Video Generators

AI technology continues to advance, enabling capabilities such as AI writing, AI drawing, and even AI-generated videos. Can you believe that AI can automatically generate videos from text?

In today’s article, I will recommend the five best AI video generators of 2024 and show you how to create AI videos, significantly enhancing video editing efficiency. Additionally, we will explore the potential pitfalls and applications of AI videos. Reading this article will surely be very rewarding!

What is AI video generator?

AI video generator is a technology that utilizes artificial intelligence to create, edit, and process videos. Users only need to input text or provide specific prompt, and they can quickly and easily generate high-quality AI videos. This eliminates the need to spend a lot of time and effort, and it also saves on the production cost of video materials, greatly improving creative efficiency.

What can AI video generators do?

AI video generators offer many features, including subtitling, editing, voiceovers, text-to-video, and image-to-video conversions. Users can apply AI video generators in various fields such as advertising and marketing, education and training, broadcasting, entertainment, and content creation, providing a brand-new video creation experience.

AI Automatic Subtitling

AI video generators can intelligently recognize speech content, convert it into accurate text, synchronize the text with the video timeline, and automatically add these texts as corresponding subtitles in the video. Many AI tools also support multiple languages, allowing videos to reach audiences of different languages. This eliminates the tedious process of manually adding subtitles.

AI Automatic Editing

AI can recognize different elements in the video, including people, scenes, actions, etc., to select the best clips and compile them into a complete and smooth video. It can also automatically add suitable music based on the video content to enhance the video quality. Additionally, users can set the desired style for the video, editing it to fit the scenario and personal taste.

AI Voice Generator

AI Voice Generator can generate natural and fluent speech for videos or audio files without the need for real human voices. It can produce lifelike speech just by using text input. Users only need to provide a text file, and AI can adjust the voice style, speed, pitch, gender, and more according to the requirements. It can even simulate the voice of oneself or others, not only for speaking but also for singing, without any flaws.


Users only need to provide text or input prompts, and AI can convert this text into dynamic visual content. There’s no need for outdoor shooting, any images, audio files, or other materials, nor any editing or voiceover. Yet, it can generate short films of cinematic quality. However, current technology is limited to videos of up to 1 minute in length.

Top 5 Best AI Video Generators

Among the numerous AI video generators available, I will introduce five specially selected AI video generators and provide a detailed tutorial on how to create AI-generated videos using them:

Stable Video

Stable Video is an AI video tool launched by Stability AI. It can convert static images into dynamic videos and offers two models capable of generating videos at 14 frames per second (fps) and 25 fps, respectively, with resolutions of 576×1024.

Stable Video official website
Stable Video official website

After inputting prompts, Stable Video will render four scene frames. Users can choose one of these scenes to generate a video with the same setting. It offers three video sizes, 17 video styles, and various camera movement modes. Upon finding a preferred video, users can click on it to adjust the text and camera angles before regenerating their personalized ai video. The generation process takes approximately 2 minutes.

Stable Video Features

Currently, Stable Video provides 150 tokens per day. Users only need to spend 10 tokens to upload images for video generation or 11 tokens to input text for video creation.

Stable Video official website:


Pika is a ai tool that transforms creativity into ai videos. It can create videos in various styles such as 3D animation, anime, and movie styles. Here are three forms of AI video generation provided by Pika:

  • Text-to-Video: Input text and set the scene to convert the text into a corresponding video.
  • Image-to-Video: Turn specified photos or drawings into lifelike dynamic scenes.
  • Video-to-Video: Modify existing videos, change video content, or alter style.

The above are the results of using Pika to generate ai videos. It takes about 1-2 minutes to generate a ai video, and the length of Pika’s videos is typically 3 seconds. After generation, users can choose to extend the length of the video. However, to expand the video, users need to subscribe to Pika’s paid plans.

Users can generate ai videos with Pika and also make changes to them, such as altering the characters’ attire or making a dog run in the video. Additionally, Pika offers features like voiceovers, extended video backgrounds, and lengthening video duration. Furthermore, Pika supports Chinese prompts, making it very user-friendly for Chinese users.

If you want to use Pika, log in through Google or Discord. Currently, Discord offers a free trial version with unlimited generation, while the website version provides 250 initial points and 30 points per day. Each video generation only costs 10 points, making it a very cost-effective AI tool.

Pika official website:


Pictory is an ai video tool suitable for content creators. After entering the text, Pictory can divide the content into several scenes and automatically add video materials, subtitles, and music for editing. It can also import voiceovers to narrate the video. With Pictory, users can quickly turn lengthy content into ai videos, such as video scripts, blog articles, instructional guides, etc., making it ideal for YouTubers, marketers, course creators, educators, and more.

Pictory generate ai video
Pictory generate ai video

We can start by using GenApe to quickly generate a video script. Then, paste the script into Pictory’s script editor, and after about five minutes, a complete storyboard video is created. It includes narration, voiceovers, and subtitles. Although the coherence might not be perfect, the video largely matches the script content, making it highly authentic.

Pictory Script Editor
Pictory Script Editor
Pictory create ai video
Pictory create ai video

Currently, Pictory offers a free trial plan, allowing users to create three videos, each with a maximum length of 10 minutes. Feel free to give it a try if you’re interested.

Pictory official website:


Genmo can convert static images or text into video animations. Users only need to enter prompts or upload images to easily generate 2-second, 4-second, or 6-second videos in a short time. It can also turn static images into smooth animation effects. If you’re unsure what prompts to enter, Genmo can provide some prompts to help you find inspiration.

In addition, generated videos with Genmo can incorporate specific scenes, characters, music, and more. Users can also customize camera movements and special effects to enhance the video’s personal style, making it perfect for creating product advertisements and animated shorts.

Genmo generate ai video
Genmo generate ai video

Currently, logging into Genmo daily earns you 100 fuel points, and each generation consumes fuel points. If you want to generate more videos, you can subscribe to a paid plan to receive 1000 fuel points per day.

Genmo 官網:


Sora, announced by OpenAI in early 2024, is a latest product set to launch. Apart from generating ai videos, it can also extend video content before and after. The biggest difference between Sora and other video generators is that Sora can produce continuous one-minute single-shot videos, capable of handling complex scenes and details. The resulting videos are not only coherent but also highly realistic, boasting exceptional quality and minimal flaws.

Sora AI vedios
Sora AI vedios

While video generation technology of Sora is far ahead of the masses, it is still in the testing phase. It will take some time before it becomes available to the general users. Currently, it is only open to specific creators.

Sora Official Website:

What are the Advantages of AI Video Generators?

AI video production technology offers numerous advantages and conveniences compared to traditional video creation. Here are several advantages of AI video:

  • Automated Production Process: AI video can automatically complete various steps of video production, saving manpower and time costs.
  • Mass Content Generation: AI video generators can quickly produce large quantities of high-quality video content, making video production more scalable and efficient.
  • Efficient Editing and Restoration: AI technology can assist in repairing old video materials while conducting rapid editing and synthesis, significantly reducing the workload of editors.
  • AI Face and Background Replacement Technology: AI video’s face replacement technology allows real-time facial replacement or scene reconstruction in videos, bringing more richness and possibilities to the videos.

Potential pitfalls of AI video generators.

While AI video generators bring many conveniences, they also pose several pitfalls. We should remain vigilant, as the pitfalls of AI video generators include the following:

  • Fake News and Misinformation: AI technology can easily generate fake news videos that are convincing, leading to the proliferation of misinformation and negative societal impacts.
  • Forgery and Copyright Issues: With AI technology, it’s easier to fabricate the appearance of others in videos, potentially infringing on personal image rights and damaging the reputations of individuals and businesses.
  • Creativity Loss: Content generated using AI video tools may lack diversity in style, leading to a loss of creativity among professionals in the video industry.

AI Video Generators Should be Paired with AI Script Generators

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