11 Best AI Writing Assistants picks in 2024 (Top 11 Compared)

AI writing assistant

With the development of AI technology, more and more AI writing assistants have emerged in the market, becoming people’s reliable helpers. This article will introduce the most practical 11 AI writing assistants, and compare their functions and usage scenarios to help readers choose the most suitable writing assistant for themselves.

What is AI writing assistant?

An AI writing assistant is a writing tool that harnesses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automatically produce high-quality written content, thereby enhancing writing efficiency and quality. These assistants employ a range of techniques, including natural language processing, deep learning, and big data analysis, to understand the user’s writing requirements and generate relevant written material. They have applications in various fields such as content marketing and journalism, facilitating the creation of articles, blogs, social media posts, and more.

11 Best AI Writing Assistants in 2023

Given that each AI writing assistant has its own distinct set of strengths, weaknesses, and suitable applications, it is advisable to select the tool that best suits one’s specific needs.

ToolSupported LanguagesFeatures/Use Cases Price
ChatGPTIncluding but not limited to English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, among other common languagesWidely applicable for tasks such as generating novels, news reports, product descriptions, website content, ad copy, letters, SEO articles, and code writing.$20/month
Notion AISupports over ten languages including English, Chinese, French, and Korean, among othersSuitable for internal knowledge management in enterprises and situations that require extensive content creation, such as article categorization, formatting, styling, content filtering, automatic translation, and content saving.$10/month
Taskade AISupports Chinese and EnglishIdeal for team organization and management, generating tasks, outlines, mind maps, calendar scheduling, lists, kanban boards, calendars, mind maps, organizational charts, and task views.$19/month
GenapeSupports Chinese and EnglishIt covers a wide range of areas, including advertising, company branding, email, social media, videos, and e-commerce, making it suitable for various types of copywriting content such as blog articles, social media posts, and advertising copy, among others.NT$500/month
WritesonicSupports languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and ChineseGenerates various types of content, including blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and ad copy.$19/month
JasperSupports input in 24 languages and output in 26 languages, with simplified Chinese as the only supported Chinese variantCovers a wide range of content, including articles, emails, social media posts, and product descriptions.$49/month
RytrAll common languagesPrimarily suitable for writing copy and short articles, including blog posts, online marketing, brand promotion, and website content creation.$9/month
CopyAIAll common languages, with simplified Chinese as the only supported Chinese variantMainly designed for commercial purposes, such as enterprise reports, emails, presentations, articles, ad copy, product descriptions, headlines, slogans, and social media posts.$36/month
GrammarlySupports English onlyPrimarily used for English writing corrections, providing spell-check and grammar error corrections, as well as writing suggestions such as word replacement, sentence simplification, and semantic changes.$15/month
geneiSupports English onlyProvides AI-powered summarization and keyword extraction, automatically summarizing the key points of an article and generating reports.£3.99/month
LateralSupports English onlyEnables faster document processing and organization of related information, along with features like sharing and searching.€9.99/month
AI writing assistants

What are the Types of AI Writing Assistants?

Here are several common types of AI writing assistants and their features:

Personal assistant: ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a language model trained by OpenAI, utilizing natural language processing technology. Users can interact with ChatGPT through conversation and receive answers on various topics, including history, philosophy, economics, current affairs, and even assistance with programming, scriptwriting, and academic papers. As a personal assistant, ChatGPT significantly enhances users’ productivity and efficiency, enabling them to access information faster and more conveniently while accelerating problem-solving.”

Features of ChatGPT:

  • Generates high-quality, original content and supports multiple languages and scenarios.
  • The training model continually improves content generation and comprehension abilities.
  • Can generate content with different tones and perspectives to meet different needs.
  • Can write different formats of content, such as code, tables, HTML, and more.

ChatGPT official website:https://chat.openai.com/

chatgpt AI writing Assistant
chatGpt AI Writing Assistant

Management Assistants: Notion AI and Taskade AI

Taskade AI and Notion AI are powerful management assistants that can help users enhance productivity and creativity. Taskade AI combines writing, task management, and team collaboration functions to assist users in generating new ideas, rewriting text, finding answers to problems, and automatically generating mind maps. Notion AI provides features such as collaboration and automatic correction, which can help users optimize various types of content, such as action plans, blogs, pros and cons lists, and social media posts.

Features of Notion AI:

  • This AI writing tool offers a variety of practical features that facilitate article organization, formatting, filtering, translation, and storage.
  • Saves time and effort, ensuring content quality and effectiveness.
  • With its article classification and typesetting capabilities, it allows for easy management and searchability, with numerous style options available. Furthermore, it optimizes a broad range of content types, including action plans, blog posts, pros and cons lists, and social media updates, among others.

Notion AI official website:https://www.notion.so/product/ai

Notion AI writing Assistant
Notion AI Writing Assistant

Features of Taskade AI :

  • Combines writing, task/project management, and team collaboration.
  • Generates new ideas, rewrites text, finds answers, summarizes content, and even automatically creates mind maps.
  • Shares projects and collaborates with others in real-time, with each project member able to use AI commands.

Taskade AI website:https://www.taskade.com/ai/app

Taskade AI writing assistant
Taskade AI Writing Assistant

Copywriting assistants:Genape、 Writesonic、Jasper、 Rytr、 CopyAI

These AI-powered tools can automatically produce diverse types of content such as blog articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and advertising copy, by leveraging the keywords and prompts supplied by users.

Genape is suitable for various forms of written content and offers core features such as copywriting, SEO optimization, and social media posts, among others.With Writesonic, users can customize the tone, topic, and keywords to create content that is SEO-optimized.Jasper continuously learns and enhances its capabilities, generating various forms of content such as articles, emails, social media posts, and product descriptions. CopyAI offers numerous copy and editing features, and it can also produce cover letters, emails, and personalized content. Rytr can modify, rephrase, and condense content, and it supports multiple languages and Chrome extensions. These tools provide users with more inspiration and creative possibilities, helping them create content more efficiently.

Features of  GenApe :

  • Provides 50+ writing templates covering various fields such as SEO optimization, social media posts, and advertising copy.
  • Supports AI writing in both Chinese and English.
  • Generates original content without plagiarism.
  • Users can preview, modify, and save the generated content.

Try it now for free:https://app.genape.ai/

GenApe AI writing assistant
GenApe AI Writing Assistant

Features of Writesonic:

  • Supports simplified Chinese and are easy to operate.
  • Generates content that meets SEO optimization requirements, increasing exposure and click-through rates.
  • Provides 80+ writing templates, including articles, social media posts, and product introductions.
  • Allows for editing of long-form content and provides content plagiarism checks to ensure the uniqueness and originality of articles.Allows for editing of long-form content and provides content plagiarism checks to ensure the uniqueness and originality of articles.

Writesonic website:https://writesonic.com/

Writesonic AI writing assistant
Writesonic AI Writing Assistant

Features of Jasper AI :

  • Supports simplified Chinese.
  • Provides 100% original long-form content and plagiarism checks to avoid infringement risks.
  • Offers common content templates to choose from, including blog articles, social media posts, and YouTube scripts.
  • Allows for content rewriting to improve article quality and readability.

Jasper AI website:https://www.jasper.ai/

Jasper AI Writing Assitant
Jasper AI Writing Assitant

Features of Rytr :

  • Provides a free version that allows for writing up to 2000 characters per month.
  • Supports simplified Chinese and has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Allows for editing of long-form content and provides content plagiarism checks to ensure the uniqueness and originality of articles.
  • Provides tools for modifying titles and checking for plagiarism, suitable for short-form content and marketing copy.

Rytr website:https://rytr.me/

Rytr AI Writing Assitant
Rytr AI Writing Assitant

Features of CopyAI:

  • User-friendly interface and pure text editor tools.
  • Provides a variety of writing templates to choose from, including cover letters, business plans, and job introductions.
  • Supports simplified Chinese and provides different article tones to choose from.
  • Powerful content sharing function and provides a free plan.

CopyAI website:https://www.copy.ai/

Copy AI Writing Assistant
Copy AI Writing Assistant

The Grammar Checker Assistant:Grammarly

Grammarly is an English checking tool developed using AI and machine learning technologies. It can check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and tense errors, and provide more suitable words and sentence structures based on context, enhancing the correctness and richness of articles. It is very suitable for proofreading emails, social media posts, blog articles, or proposals using Grammarly when writing, and is also a good tool for learning English. In addition to the web version, Grammarly also provides a Chrome extension and mobile app version.

Features of Grammarly:

  • Automatically corrects grammar and spelling errors.
  • Provides writing suggestions including tone and word choice to enhance the accuracy and richness of the content.
  • Quickly generates text with appropriate tone and content relevance.

Grammarly website:https://www.grammarly.com/grammarlygo

Reading Paper or Document Assistants: genei, Lateral

Genei and Lateral are AI-powered tools that help users read research papers and documents more efficiently. Genei can quickly identify and highlight key points of an article and offers note-taking and annotation features to improve reading efficiency. On the other hand, Lateral assists users in categorizing and comparing different arguments presented in various documents. It also enables users to easily search and use related topics in the future, making reading and researching documents much more effortless.

Features of genei:

  • Enables quick identification of article highlights and important information.
  • Provides summarization and keyword extraction functions, allowing users to generate summaries based on paragraphs or the entire text.
  • Offers semantic explanations for proprietary terms to help users better understand the content.
  • Automatically categorizes keywords into organizations, people, locations, dates, nationalities, etc., facilitating search and comparison.


Features of Lateral:

  • Assists users in quickly reading, finding, sharing, and organizing research data.
  • Allows for categorization and organization of paragraphs from multiple articles, facilitating comparison of different arguments in the literature.
  • Automatically creates a reference table for easy comparison and quick searching of related topics in the future.

Lateral website:

Which AI writing assistant is the best?

Do you want to know which AI writing assistant is the best? Choosing the right AI writing assistant that suits your needs requires considering several criteria, including functional requirements, use cases, supported languages, and importantly, price.

Here are some recommendations for selecting an AI writing assistant:

  1. For interactive AI generation: ChatGPT provides a chat-based interface that allows you to answer various questions and is highly flexible and user-friendly.
  2. For beginners: Genape、CopyAI and Rytr offer intuitive user experiences and are suitable for those starting out in writing or working with smaller amounts of text.
  3. For long-form business copy: Genape、Writesonic and Jasper provide various templates and generation options to help users quickly produce effective marketing copy.
  4. For bulk text generation: Notion AI offers collaborative text generation solutions that cater to users with high-volume content creation needs.
  5. Simultaneously Utilize AI Writing By Team: Taskade assists with real-time editing, discussions, annotations, document writing, and note-taking for you and your team.
  6. For workplace English letters and business emails: Grammarly automatically checks English grammar and spelling errors to help users improve their English writing skills.

The Best AI writing assistant for you:

Want to improve your writing efficiency and quality? Give Genape a try! Genape can help you increase your writing speed and complete tasks such as bulk text creation, workplace English letters, and business emails more quickly. Moreover, using an AI writing assistant can enhance the quality of your articles, making them more precise, readable, and professional. If you haven’t tried an AI writing assistant yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Use Genape to boost your writing efficiency and quality.

The AI writing assistant most suitable for you is GenApe.
The AI writing assistant most suitable for you is GenApe.
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