How is Brand Marketing done?


Branding is a crucial part of establishing a brand image. However, standing out in a fiercely competitive market is not easy. You may have heard of branding in the past but not known where to start. This article will teach you how to approach branding and effectively use branding strategies to enhance brand awareness.

What is Branding? How does it differ from general marketing?

Branding, also known as Branding, refers to a method through which companies promote their “brand” to a wider audience using a series of marketing methods and communication channels. Its goal is to establish a unique brand image and recognition among consumers.

The key difference between Brand Marketing and general marketing lies in Brand Marketing’s emphasis on connecting the brand’s characteristics, values, personality, and audience through dialogue. Simply put, Brand Marketing is akin to shaping a brand’s image to make it stand out among numerous competitors and leave a lasting impression.

Key Steps of Branding

Key Steps of Branding

How to Implement Branding? GenApe Editor has carefully compiled the following key steps of Brand Marketing:

Establishing the Brand

Firstly, companies need to clearly define the positioning and uniqueness of their brand, including its core values, mission, and vision. Brand definition forms the foundation of Brand Marketing and guides subsequent marketing strategies.

Identifying the Target Audience

Companies need to understand who their target audience is, their needs, and preferences. Only by understanding the target audience can companies develop effective Brand Marketing strategies to reach potential customers.

Developing Brand Marketing Strategies

Based on brand positioning and target audience, companies should formulate a series of specific marketing strategies, such as the 4P’s of marketing mix. During the formulation of Brand Marketing strategies, analysis of existing competitors’ practices, such as Porter’s Five Forces, can also identify opportunities for development and innovation.

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Creating Corporate Identity (CIS)

Corporate Identity (CIS) includes brand logos, brand colors, brand slogans, etc. Through systematic design, companies transform corporate concepts, images, cultures, and other messages into concrete images to establish a unified brand image and enhance brand recognition.

Creating Copy with Brand Style:

What are the Branding Strategies?

Common Brand Marketing strategies

The purpose of developing Brand Marketing strategies is to attract our target audience, with main methods including:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to enterprises providing high-quality content relevant to their target audience to attract potential customers. Through interactive methods, Content Marketing attracts audiences to develop favorable impressions of the brand and make purchasing decisions.

Community Marketing

Community Marketing refers to enterprises using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter to promote brands. The advantages of Community Marketing are that it has a large number of users and can reach a very broad audience. Secondly, the production cost of Community Marketing is relatively low compared to traditional advertising, and it is more interactive, making it easier to build good relationships with target audiences.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing is mainly used by enterprises to promote brand concepts or product features through video production to quickly increase brand awareness.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a regular e-mail newsletter sent by businesses to subscribers, and the EDM content contains exquisite pictures combined with fascinating text or discount advantages, e.g., travel inspiration from Airbnb and culinary discounts from Uber Eats.

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KOL Marketing

KOL Marketing refers to enterprises finding opinion leaders (KOLs) who match the product image to promote products. KOLs usually have many fans in specific areas such as YouTubers or online celebrities, using their visibility to influence specific groups and thereby increasing the chances of brand visibility by consumers.

Advertising Marketing

Advertising Marketing refers to companies paying for advertising on online platforms to convey brand, product, or service information to target audiences.

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Successful cases of Branding

The key to successful Branding lies in whether people can imagine the distinct features of a specific brand when they think of it. The following is an example of successful Brand Marketing, citing the case of pinkoi:

Pinkoi: Conveying the Value of Original Design Products

Pinkoi Brand Marketing Successful Case

Pinkoi is a well-known Taiwanese cultural and creative e-commerce platform dedicated to promoting original design products. Pinkoi’s successful Brand Marketing involves meticulous design at every stage, from the uniqueness of its products to online and offline activities:

  1. Unique brand value: Pinkoi strictly audits merchants to ensure all products are original designs, making Pinkoi’s platform distinctive and beloved by consumers.
  2. Effective use of social media marketing: Pinkoi actively posts trendy topics on social media, interacts with consumers, and builds good brand relationships.
  3. Hosting physical events: Pinkoi regularly holds physical events such as markets and exhibitions. This approach allows consumers to directly engage with the brand and reduces the distance between the brand and consumers.

AI Tools for Effective Branding

GenApe Branding AI Tools

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