What is a ChatGPT Prompt? 5 Steps to Crafting Effective ChatGPT Prompts

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In recent years, artificial intelligence has advanced rapidly, particularly in the development of language models. With the strengthening of natural language processing capabilities, ChatGPT prompts leverage these language models to help users interact more accurately with ChatGPT. This article will introduce ChatGPT prompts, explain how to use them effectively, and provide readers with the knowledge to quickly employ ChatGPT prompts for more precise responses.

What is a ChatGPT Prompt?

A ChatGPT prompt is a tool developed based on the GPT language model that provides instructions or cues to ChatGPT. These instructions can be in the form of a conversation, a question, or any type of descriptive text. They assist users in communicating with AI and enable ChatGPT to generate corresponding text and responses.

5 Steps to Crafting Effective ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT prompts are crucial for effectively using ChatGPT, as their quality determines the responses generated. To achieve the perfect answer, it’s essential to follow rules when crafting ChatGPT prompts. Here are 5 effective steps to help you write good ChatGPT prompts.

Assume an Expert Role

The first step in crafting a ChatGPT prompt is to position ChatGPT as an expert in a specific field. This allows ChatGPT to provide more professional responses tailored to that domain.

For example, if you want to write an article about legal knowledge, you can prompt ChatGPT to act as a senior legal advisor to obtain more detailed content.

Clearly Specify the Task

The second step is to clearly instruct ChatGPT on what needs to be done, ensuring to avoid overly broad or ambiguous terms. Generally, the more specific the input, the more accurate the generated content. In simple terms, provide ChatGPT with a clear objective to execute.

Using the example of writing a legal article mentioned earlier, we need to explicitly inform ChatGPT about the desired article title and the specific content that needs to be produced.

List Output Requirements

Following clear instructions, the third step in the ChatGPT prompt involves specifying guidelines and constraints to ensure that ChatGPT’s output aligns with the desired results. This can include limiting word count, requesting bullet points, tables, or compliance with SEO principles. ChatGPT is instructed to adhere to these guidelines in its response. Using the aforementioned legal article writing example, here are the specified constraints for the ChatGPT prompt:

  • The legal-related article may require explicit citation of legal statutes.
  • The word count should exceed 1000 words.
  • If there are comparisons involved, they can be presented in table format.
  • Adherence to SEO principles, ensuring titles and keywords are clear and relevant to the article content.

Provide Context

When writing a ChatGPT prompt, the fourth step is to provide context to enable ChatGPT to generate more accurate responses. This involves offering additional details, such as features, characteristics, or usage instructions of a specific product, to help ChatGPT better understand and produce valuable and accurate answers.

Timely Adjustments

Finally, if the generated content from the preset ChatGPT prompt does not meet requirements, timely adjustments and corrections can lead to better results.

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ChatGPT Prompt Examples

With a well-written ChatGPT prompt, it can be applied across various fields. Here are examples of 8 types of ChatGPT prompts and the corresponding generated content.

Job Application Letter chatgpt prompt Example

Writing a job application letter requires emphasizing personal qualities and describing abilities to make the company understand and enhance self-image. Therefore, when writing a chatgpt prompt, it’s crucial to clearly specify these requirements and content. Here is an example of a job application letter chatgpt prompt:

You are a job seeker looking to write a new application letter. Please write a letter describing my technical skills and personality traits. I have been working in marketing for two years, with 10 months as a marketing planner, and I possess traits of initiative and eagerness to learn. These tools include GA4 analysis, ADs advertising placements, etc. I hope to develop my marketing knowledge and skills. I’m eager to lead a T-shaped life. Can you write a job application letter about myself?

Job Application Letter chatgpt prompt
Job Application Letter chatgpt prompt

Food Critic chatgpt prompt Example

As a food critic, the main focus is on sharing food highlights, service quality, and dining ambiance in an engaging tone. Therefore, the food critic chatgpt prompt should emphasize these aspects to describe restaurant features and dishes effectively. Here is an example of a food critic chatgpt prompt:

I want you to play the role of a food critic. I’ll tell you the name of a restaurant and the features and impressions of the dishes. You can provide comments on the food, service, and dining atmosphere. You only need to reply with your review without explanations. My first request is ‘Last night, I went to a newly opened late-night café. The Americano was exceptional with fruity acidity and smoothness, and the matcha chiffon cake was rich in aroma, moist, and chewy. Can you provide a review?’

Food Critic chatgpt prompt
Food Critic chatgpt prompt

Using the food critic chatgpt prompt makes descriptions of food and personal experiences more vivid and enriching, making readers more interested.

Meta Descriptions chatgpt prompt Example

As a marketer, well-written meta descriptions can increase website click-through rates. Therefore, when writing a meta descriptions chatgpt prompt, it’s essential to provide instructions for descriptive and character limit considerations to generate SEO-friendly meta descriptions.

Assume you are an SEO marketer with excellent copywriting skills, ranking high in search engines. As a copywriter, please write at least 150 characters that attract attention and clicks for the meta description, with a description not exceeding 160 words. Pay attention to character count. Here are the search keywords: ‘What can ChatGPT do?’

Meta Descriptions chatgpt prompt Example

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Is There a Difference Between Using English and Chinese in ChatGPT Prompts?

ChatGPT supports multiple languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. However, there are differences in the generated content when using Chinese compared to English prompts. Since ChatGPT was initially trained on a large corpus of English text, it exhibits strong comprehension and generation capabilities in English. In contrast, the data and quality of Chinese text are not as extensive as English, resulting in disparities in content generation between Chinese and English prompts. Nevertheless, ChatGPT’s ability to handle Chinese language continues to improve, and it is expected that the gap in content generation between Chinese and English prompts will narrow in the near future.

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