Can ChatGPT be of assistance in enhancing SEO? Here are eight exemplary use cases of ChatGPT for SEO


The hottest topic nowadays is undoubtedly ChatGPT, which can be applied in various industries. For SEO professionals, can ChatGPT really be helpful? This article will explore the impact of ChatGPT SEO and provide examples of its applications in SEO.

Can ChatGPT provide assistance to SEO?

ChatGPT can indeed be of great help to SEO. It can be used as an auxiliary tool when producing content, assisting in improving the quality and richness of website content, and thereby increasing the website’s exposure on search engines. It can also significantly improve the efficiency of creators and SEO personnel. However, the produced content needs to be modified to ensure compliance with search engine rules and achieve optimal SEO results.

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What are the key considerations when using ChatGPT for SEO?

When utilizing ChatGPT for SEO, it is imperative to keep in mind the following key points, as failure to do so may hinder the tool’s ability to achieve optimal results.

Prevent content duplication

When using ChatGPT to generate content, it’s important to avoid duplicate content. Since ChatGPT’s content comes from a database, it may lack some personal viewpoints. Without modification, this may result in a high level of content repetition, leading search engines to consider it plagiarism and causing the website’s SEO ranking to decline.

The accuracy of the content

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ChatGPT is not capable of performing health checks

ChatGPT is incapable of crawling websites and URLs, as it relies on the URL to identify content. Therefore, using ChatGPT to conduct website health checks is not possible, and the feedback generated is generally not valuable.

Unable to meet the E-A-T principle.

When using ChatGPT for SEO content generation, it is possible for the content to include redundant phrases, lack emotional expression, or be inconsistent with the author’s perspective or experience. If not edited, the content may lack the author’s opinions and experiences, failing to satisfy the E-A-T principle and adversely affecting SEO rankings.

8 SEO Test Cases Using ChatGPT

The most crucial aspect of SEO is the optimization of content quality, which also requires significant effort. Therefore, I have compiled some examples of using ChatGPT for SEO, so that you can easily apply ChatGPT SEO as well.

Eye-catching headline

Eye-catching titles can lead to higher click-through rates and increase website traffic. Therefore, ChatGPT SEO can identify your needs and provide you with some attention-grabbing article titles that can help improve your performance in this aspect.

ChatGPT SEO Title Prompt: Imagine that you are an SEO expert. Please provide me with 8 article titles that will attract clicks from the target audience and include the keyword “fitness.

Keyword strategy

Keyword planning is a critical factor in SEO, as it helps prevent keyword cannibalization and incomplete planning. ChatGPT provides related keyword suggestions and allows for classification of similar keywords. However, the generated keywords may not necessarily have search volume or precision, so it’s important to use other keyword planning tools as a reference to create a more comprehensive keyword plan.

ChatGPT SEO Keyword Prompt: Assuming you are an SEO expert, please provide me with 8 keywords related to “fitness.

Example of ChatGPT SEO keywords.

Meta description

ChatGPT SEO can quickly generate attractive meta descriptions that are relevant to the content of an article, by analyzing its key points and producing concise content that is more in line with search engine requirements.

As an SEO expert, please write a meta description about “at-home fitness” that adheres to SEO principles and has a character limit of 100 Chinese characters.

Creating an article outline

A well-written SEO article requires a good structure, and when it comes to longer articles, the most crucial aspect is to have a well-crafted outline. ChatGPT SEO can generate article outlines, which saves a lot of time. However, the generated outlines need to be modified according to the search intent on the first page to meet SEO requirements.

ChatGPT SEO Article Outline Prompt: Assume that you are an SEO expert, please write an article outline with the topic “Gym or Home Workout: Which Is More Effective?” that conforms to SEO structure. In addition to introducing home workouts and gym workouts and comparing their effectiveness, the content should be rich. Numbers should be added before each major section, without subheadings.

Improved version: Example of ChatGPT SEO Outline

Rewriting of the copy

If you are not satisfied with the content of your website’s copy or want to change its tone while operating SEO, using ChatGPT to rewrite the copy can help modify the article’s content and generate more professional and diverse copy.

ChatGPT SEO Copywriting Prompt: Please rephrase the following paragraph in a more professional tone: ‘Make health a part of your life’ to help consumers realize that health is an important component of life and remind them to always pay attention to their physical well-being, thereby increasing their demand for fitness.

ChatGPT SEO Copywriting Example

Example of Writing Commonly Asked Questions

Typically, when setting up an SEO website, common questions are used to supplement related knowledge so that users can quickly obtain answers. Therefore, with the assistance of ChatGPT, more related common questions can be brainstormed.

ChatGPT SEO FAQ Prompt: Please write 3 frequently asked questions and answers with the keyword “fitness” and add Q before the question and A before the answer

Example of Frequently Asked Questions for ChatGPT SEO

Creating structured data markup for FAQs

One of the SEO optimization items is structured data markup, which can help Google search engine to quickly crawl website content and display it on search result pages. Users can preview the content through the answers and increase the exposure and richness of the article. ChatGPT SEO can automatically generate FAQ structured data markup and quickly add it to articles.

ChatGPT SEO FAQ Structured Data Markup Prompt: Please mark up the following Q&A with FAQ JSON-LD schema structured data markup.

1.Can ChatGPT help with SEO?

ChatGPT can indeed be of great help to SEO by improving the quality and richness of website content, which can result in better visibility on search engines.

ChatGPT FAQ Structured Data

Generating Rules for robots.txt

Websites that operate SEO communicate with search engines through the robots.txt file to exclude certain pages from being indexed by Google. To assist with this, ChatGPT SEO can generate robots.txt rules, which should be validated using the robots.txt Validator and Testing Tool before being added to the robots.txt file.

Prompt: Please generate robots.txt rules for ChatGPT SEO, with the requirement that this page,, be disallowed from crawling by search engine spiders, while allowing access to all other pages.

Generating Rules for robots.txt

Does Google have any impact on ChatGPT SEO?

Google’s use of ChatGPT SEO does not have a negative impact. Google’s algorithm focuses on user experience, so the use of AI tools for content creation is not prohibited. However, the produced content still needs to be modified to meet search intent, user roles, and quality standards in order to truly enhance SEO effectiveness and save a significant amount of time.

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