ChatGPT stops generating in the middle of an answer? 3 ways to get it to complete the answer!


While using ChatGPT, it’s not uncommon to experience instances where ChatGPT stops generating in the middle of an answer. In this article, we’ll explore the potential reasons why ChatGPT may not provide a complete answer, present three methods to prompt ChatGPT to finish the response, and explain when asking questions could prevent ChatGPT from generating a response.

Reasons why ChatGPT stops generating in the middle of an answer

There are several reasons why ChatGPT might stop generating a response. Some of these reasons include exceeding word count limits, asking overly lengthy or unclear questions, and experiencing unstable network connections. Let’s take a closer look at each of these reasons.

Word count limits

Did you know that ChatGPT has a word count limit? To ensure readability and avoid excessively long response times, ChatGPT’s response limit is set at 4096 characters (in English). Once this limit is reached, ChatGPT will stop generating a response.

Overly lengthy or unclear questions

Another reason why ChatGPT may stop generating a response is when the user’s question is too long, too broad, or unclear. ChatGPT generates responses based on the essential information in the question. When it’s unable to grasp the central point or purpose of the question, it might not understand the question accurately and provide an incomplete answer.

Unstable network connections

Network problems are also a typical cause of ChatGPT interruptions. If a user’s network connection is unstable, it may cause ChatGPT to stop generating a response.

How to make ChatGPT give a complete answer

We offer three methods to help ChatGPT give a complete answer: issuing a “continue” command, breaking down complex questions into smaller ones, and refreshing the webpage or opening a new chat.

Issuing a “continue” command

We can use the “continue” command to help ChatGPT surpass character limitations. Common methods include:

  • Entering text such as “continue” or “please continue” directly
  • Clicking the “Continue” button above the dialogue box
  • If the context cannot be seamlessly connected, please copy ChatGPT’s entire reply and paste it into the dialogue box, prompting it to continue

Breaking down complex questions into smaller ones

By breaking down complex questions into smaller ones and guiding ChatGPT through the conversation, we can give it the necessary prompts or reference materials to provide a complete answer.

Refreshing the webpage or opening a new chat

If ChatGPT’s response is incomplete due to unstable network connections, you can try refreshing the webpage by pressing F5 or clicking “New chat” on the left sidebar to restart the conversation and allow ChatGPT to respond fully.

ChatGPT’s inability to respond

Apart from interruptions in the middle of answering, ChatGPT may sometimes fail to respond at all. This can happen due to various reasons, such as asking overly technical questions, sensitive inquiries, excessive usage in a short period of time, or too many users accessing the system simultaneously.

Asking overly technical questions

All of ChatGPT’s responses are based on the information it has learned. If a user’s question is too technical or obscure and ChatGPT’s database does not contain relevant information, it may not be able to provide an answer.

Sensitive inquiries

If a user’s inquiry involves malicious content, such as violence, crime, racial or gender discrimination, invasion of privacy, or harm to others’ interests, ChatGPT will not be able to provide an answer and will advise the user not to ask such questions.

Excessive usage in a short period of time

If a user asks too many duplicate questions in a short amount of time, or exceeds the usage limit, ChatGPT may become unresponsive. In such cases, users are usually unable to ask any further questions and must wait for an hour before resuming.

Too many users accessing the system simultaneously

If too many users access the system simultaneously, ChatGPT may become overwhelmed and unable to respond to questions. In such cases, some users may be unable to access the website, and those who are already on the website may be unable to use any of its functions.

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