What are the limitations on the use of ChatGPT? Unveiling the precautions for using ChatGPT


ChatGPT is a currently popular language generation model that is capable of quickly producing high-quality text. However, it also possesses certain usage restrictions and limitations. In this article, we will explore the limitations of using ChatGPT and discuss methods for improving its effectiveness.

What are the usage restrictions of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is trained on a vast amount of data. However, there are certain regulations and usage limits that must be taken into account when using ChatGPT. It is important to be familiar with the following limitations of using ChatGPT:

The accuracy of the content cannot be guaranteed

ChatGPT generates text through training on large amounts of data, but due to its limited understanding, the content it produces may not be entirely accurate, and the accuracy of its output cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, users should judge and filter the generated content based on their actual needs to avoid any potential losses that may result from erroneous content.

For example, recommendations for tourist attractions may include non-existent locations or locations that are not within the specified county or city.

Unable to comprehend the context

ChatGPT, unlike humans, is unable to comprehend context. Therefore, if input text lacks premises or certain assumptions, the generated text may lack comprehensive thought, resulting in errors or misleading information. As such, users can provide clear information on the chatgpt prompt to reduce the error rate and allow ChatGPT to generate more accurate output.

The answer is interrupted halfway

ChatGPT may sometimes interrupt its response in the middle due to various issues such as reaching the maximum word limit, the question being too long, unclear semantics, or unstable internet connection. This interruption may cause the failure to obtain the generated content successfully.

Decline to answer sensitive questions

ChatGPT will decline to answer questions that violate legal or ethical standards, such as those that invade others’ privacy, contain abusive language, or speculate on future stock trends, and will provide an official response. Therefore, it is important to consider the legality and morality of the content before asking such questions.

The limit on the number of inquiries

If too many questions are asked at the same time, ChatGPT may display an error message and become unusable. Currently, there is no solution available on the internet, and users usually need to wait for some time before it can be used again. Therefore, users should try to control the frequency of their questions and avoid overwhelming the system, which can result in errors.

The usage is impeded due to excessive traffic

When ChatGPT encounters a surge of users, it may crash due to high computational costs. This usually happens at night when the opposite time zone of Taiwan, such as Europe and America, is active. Therefore, it is recommended to use ChatGPT during morning hours to avoid such issues.

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Precautions for Using ChatGPT

Although ChatGPT can greatly enhance the efficiency of content production, there are certain considerations to keep in mind due to its usage restrictions. Therefore, we have compiled several points of caution regarding the use of ChatGPT, in order to facilitate the smooth generation of desired text.

Ensure the presence of a well-crafted prompt

Prior to generating text using ChatGPT, it is necessary to ensure that the prompt is correct and clearly defined in order to provide sufficient content information for ChatGPT to produce accurate text.

Refrain from discussing sensitive topics

ChatGPT users should refrain from generating any sensitive topics, such as personal privacy and business secrets, as they may lead to adverse outcomes and cause personal loss. It is important to avoid such outcomes.

Control the length of the generated text

ChatGPT has the ability to generate texts of varying lengths, and users can control the number of words generated to avoid texts that are too long or too short. It is important to also pay attention to the structure and logic of the text in order to produce content that is both readable and accurate.

Editing Generated Content

The text generated by ChatGPT often requires modification to ensure its uniqueness and mitigate the risk of repetition or plagiarism. It is recommended that users make appropriate revisions to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the content.

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How to improve limitations in using ChatGPT?

To improve the limitations of using ChatGPT, in addition to paying attention to the above precautions, upgrading to the paid version of ChatGPT Plus is usually necessary. The cost is $20 per month (approximately NT$612), and the paid version has larger models and response parameters, which can generate more precise, high-quality text, and quickly obtain responses, thereby improving the stability of the output.

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