Claude 2 Tutorial-ChatGPT’s strongest competitor Claude AI usage skills and limitations


Today I will introduce a new AI tool – Claude2. Claude2 can be said to be the biggest competitor of ChatGPT and Google Bard at present. This is a tool that you can throw an entire book or give it several papers at the same time, and it can help you summarize it instantly. It is a super powerful tool to highlight key points. Whether you want to organize paper information, analyze financial reports, or organize the key points in a book, it can be done easily. Today I will teach you how to register Claude2, how to use it, and its usage restrictions.

Claude2 Register for Teaching

After searching for Claude AI and entering the Claude2 website, you can choose to use an email or register directly with a Google account. Then fill in your name and nickname, check the box to agree to the two confirmation lines at the bottom, and then fill in your mobile phone number. Remember to change it to the Taiwan code. oh! Finally, press Send Verification Code. After successful verification, you can start using Claude2.


Claude2 usage tutorial

Where should we start after arriving at Claude2’s website? You can try the following 4 basic usage techniques first:

Claude2 simple Q&A

The first step can start with a simple question and answer. Just like ChatGPT and Google Bard, just enter text from the top input box and it will start to reply to you. After entering the conversation, you can first give the chat room a name and click on the top You can freely edit the name by using rename.


Claude2upload file

The biggest feature of Claude2 is that it can directly upload files and then use AI to help you analyze the content. However, if you want this function of uploading files with ChatGPT, you need to install a separate plug-in or pay to upgrade to use it. Compared with Claude2 The convenience of being able to use it completely free and without any limit is much different.

If we want to analyze the entertainment consumption trends of Taiwanese people today, we first download a 2021 Taiwan Cultural Content Consumption Trends Survey Report from the Cultural Content Policy Institute, and click on the paperclip icon to upload the PDF file. You can just upload The flyer is a file file, and multiple files can be uploaded at one time.


Claude2 input command

Then enter the action that he needs to perform, for example, enter “Please help me summarize the entertainment consumption trends of Taiwanese people in 2021.” After clicking the send button, Claude 2 will start to generate summary analysis. You can find that its reply is simple and clear, and the content is also very good. Be organized.


Claude2 View generation records

If you want to see your own generation records, you can click the image in the upper left corner. From here you can see all the past generation records. You can also create more chat rooms here.


What are the features that make Claude2 better than ChatGPT?

Many people will ask what is the difference between using Claude2 and ChatGPT? We help you list the following features that make Claude2 better than ChatGPT:

Analyzable content is longer

The biggest feature of Claude 2 is that it allows users to input a large amount of data content length. This also means that we can use Claude 2 to analyze more and longer content. Take the above-mentioned PDF file of Taiwanese entertainment consumption trends as an example. This file There are 59 pages of data but it can be analyzed within 30 seconds, so this is why many people use Claude 2 to summarize hundreds of pages of documents or books.

AI toolsClaude 2GPT-4GPT-3.5 Turbo
Enterable content lengthAllows users to enter 100K tokensOnly 32K tokens can be enteredOnly a maximum of 16K tokens can be accepted
Comparison table of input content length between Claude 2 and ChatGPT

You can specify a certain piece of content to be analyzed

The great thing about Claude 2 is that it can respond very accurately to our requirements. For example, I uploaded Taiwanese entertainment consumption trend files for 2021 and 2020 at the same time, and specified a certain piece of content in the file to be analyzed, and asked it to tell me about radio and podcast consumption. As can be seen from the main differences in trends between the two years, Claude 2 lists all the differences in a columnar manner, and can indeed provide a data comparison that seems to be factual and logical.


You can attach the page number of the original text cited.

After getting the complete answer, if you want to confirm the correctness of Claude 2’s reply, you can enter a command to ask it to provide which page in the file content the information just quoted comes from, and then go back to the file to confirm. This function is very convenient and can save a lot of time in slowly comparing the information content page by page.

The chatbot replies with up-to-date content, providing the latest information:


Claude 2 data updated to 2023

We all know that ChatGPT data is only available until September 2021. If you want the latest information, you have to install a plug-in which is very troublesome. However, Claude 2’s data is updated until early 2023, so in comparison, Claude 2’s data will be more up-to-date and more accurate. It is less likely that ChatGPT will start to make nonsense because there is no data content.

Claude 2 is completely free

Currently, Claude 2 is completely free, and the above functions can be used immediately as long as you register and log in.

What are the restrictions on using Claude2?

There are two restrictions on the use of Claude2: file and text length:

Claude2 file size limit

When uploading files, a single file must be limited to less than 10 MB. Up to 5 files can be uploaded at one time. The files can accept Word, PDF, TXT, CSV and other types of files.

Claude2 text limit

Currently, Claude2’s character limit for long text is that you can enter up to 75,000 characters. If the file has too many characters, it will not be successfully uploaded!

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