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google bard新功能使用教學

Where can I find a chatbot that will continuously update its database over time to provide you with the latest information and can also ask questions using pictures! What we are going to introduce today is “Google Bard” – ChatGPT’s strongest opponent. Why is Google so confident that Bard can defeat ChatGPT? Let’s take a real test to see if it’s really that powerful!

Google Bard registration process and user interface introduction

Now, registering for Google Bard no longer has to be as troublesome as before. Just search for bard, click on the Google bard portal, enter the following screen and click “Try bard” to quickly log in with your own Google account.

We can see that the interface of Google Bard is basically similar to ChatGPT. There is an obvious input field at the bottom where you can enter prompt words. On the left side, you can see recent generated records. Compared with ChatGPT, it focuses on practical simplicity. Interface, the overall interface of Google Bard looks more comfortable, and neither the color matching nor the frame lines are as sharp as ChatGPT.

Does Google Bard support Chinese?

Google Bard not only supports Chinese. Currently, in addition to supporting simplified and traditional Chinese, Bard has also added more than 40 new languages ​​since the July update, including Arabic, German, Hindi and Spanish. You can directly It can be completed in one step in the input box. There is no need to go to Google Translate and copy and paste the text.

Google Bard | 6 new features introduced

Bard is a conversational AI service built by Google based on a large language model. Bard will continue to update and expand its functions. Once the functions are launched, they will be posted on the Google Bard bulletin board. We will introduce the functions next!

Bard voice dictation feature

On the right side of the Bard input command dialog box, there is a microphone symbol. After clicking on the microphone image and agreeing to the authorization, you can issue the prompt command through voice. You no longer need to type slowly, just speak Bard will automatically generate a response for you.

Bard reply read function

Bard’s reply reading function is very simple. Just click on the speaker icon on the right to hear the generated reply. We no longer only see replies by reading. This way of getting replies is especially useful for people of a certain age. It will be a very useful function for the elders, because many elders may find it difficult to read when they have poor eyesight. At this time, being able to listen will make them more willing to try these new technologies. Technology.

Google picture reading (smart lens combined with picture question and answer)

Next, let’s introduce Bard, a function that best demonstrates that it is a Google brand, which is the function of inputting pictures to generate text content. Whether you want to learn more about a picture or get inspiration from the picture, just upload the picture and then Add your own prompt words, and Bard can help you write copy content related to your pictures based on the pictures.

If you want to upload a picture, we can see that there is a familiar picture icon on the left side of the input box. As long as you upload the picture from here, you can enter the prompt word and send it.

We use real pictures as an example. If you put a picture of a salmon meal and enter the prompt word “delicious salmon recipe”, it can judge based on the picture that this dish is a grilled salmon dish and provide relevant grilled salmon recipes. The salmon cooking recipes and processes are even included in the little steps. It’s really amazing how well Google Bard’s artificial intelligence can identify image information!

Bard reply modification function

Next, let’s introduce Bard’s reply modification function. This is a key function that many people think is better than ChatGPT. Because the replies generated by ChatGPT are usually shorter, you often need to send another prompt to ask him to extend it, while Bard solves it directly. To solve this pain point, it allows you to choose with one click at the bottom of the reply to make the generated results shorter, longer, more concise, more colloquial or more professional. It is super convenient to not have to keep pressing prompts to modify!

Google Bard reply sharing feature

Just click the share link below the reply to immediately share your generated results. You can choose to have a single prompt and reply content, or share the entire content of the entire conversation. You can also directly modify the conversation title on this page and then share it. In addition, if you The generated code is a code that can be shared to Replit immediately!

And when others share their Bard dialog through Bard’s public link, as long as you have the link, you can continue to add new conversations in your account and continue the topics started by others. This is really useful for team work or group discussions. It’s a super convenient feature.

Export Google Bard Sheet to Spreadsheet

In addition, if we are generating a table, Bard can help us export the table directly to the spreadsheet, without having to run the version easily like when pulling a ChatGPT table.

Google Bard usage restrictions

However, please note that Bard is only open to users over the age of 18! So if your account cannot use Login Bard, it may be because the age of the account does not meet the restrictions.

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