How to Use Hashtag? Hashtag Generator Recommend!

How to Use Hashtags

Stop using hashtags randomly! The way you use hashtags directly impacts the conversion rate of your posts. This article will teach you the proper techniques for using Facebook and Instagram hashtags to increase post traffic and reach.

Additionally, hashtags are no longer just about observing popular tags; I will introduce an extremely useful AI tool to help you quickly generate high-quality Instagram hashtags and posts using a hashtag generator.

What is a Hashtag?

A hashtag, also known as a topic tag, is used to compile posts with the same theme, making it easier for users to find related content. It is a common feature on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and YouTube. When hashtags are added to posts, these tagged words become clickable links. If users are interested in the topic, they can click on the hashtag to view related content or discussions posted by other users.

Hashtags are sometimes used to initiate events or challenges, which can promote community cohesion and encourage more people to discover and participate in interesting or important topics.

How to Use Hashtags? Three Hashtag Strategies

Using hashtags is simple: just add a pound sign (#) before the word you want to become a topic. On social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it’s generally recommended to use popular topic tags. Of course, you can also create your own hashtags to start new topics.

When using hashtags, be careful not to include too many in a single post—usually, 5 to 10 tags are ideal. Otherwise, the social media platform might classify your post as an advertisement or spam, negatively affecting its reach.

Although many understand the function of hashtags, not everyone knows how to use Facebook and Instagram hashtags effectively. When posting on social media, you can enhance your post’s conversion rate by applying the following hashtag strategies:

  • Use popular tags: Including popular tags in your posts can increase exposure, allowing more people to see your content.
  • Attract your target audience: When users search for related keywords, social media platforms will recommend your topic tags and posts, thereby attracting potential customers.
  • Start events: When hosting giveaways or other events, using specific hashtags can make it easier to organize and track participant engagement.

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Instagram Hashtag Tips

Many people might wonder if hashtags on Instagram and Facebook are effective. However, when used correctly, hashtags can positively impact your posts. Here are some tips for using Facebook and Instagram hashtags:

Combine new hashtags with top tags

While self-created hashtags can attract a specific audience, they usually bring less traffic. Therefore, combining them with top tags can increase the reach of your posts and the exposure of new topics. Utilizing popular hashtags along with your posts helps maintain your personal or brand identity while leveraging trending topics to gain more attention

Include relevant hashtags

Hashtags must align with your post content to attract genuinely interested audiences and increase engagement rates. It also helps avoid being marked as low-quality content by social media platforms. Choosing relevant hashtags ensures they accurately reflect your post’s content, maintaining its quality and credibility.

Research competitors’ hashtags

If you’re unsure how to enhance your post’s effectiveness with hashtags, study the topic tags frequently used by your competitors and the frequency of their usage. To further understand the impact of these tags, you can use social media analytics tools like Keyhole or Buzzsumo to track and analyze competitors’ hashtag performance, helping you find tags that garner more attention.

Track top hashtags

Before posting, observe current events and adjust your content based on trending topics to keep your posts relevant. By following popular hashtags, you can stay updated with the latest trends, ensuring your posts are timely and engaging.

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