8 Best IG Logo design web for 2024!


How can a brand’s personality be highlighted and capture people’s attention at first glance? A brand’s logo design plays a crucial role in this. But how should you design a logo? Don’t worry, besides getting inspiration from GenApe, you can also use online logo generators and logo design websites to design your own logo. This article will recommend several logo creation websites and explain the importance of designing a logo.

Why is logo design important?

Why design a logo? Because a brand’s or business’s logo is almost always the first impression people have of the brand. Consider a string of text versus an image—it’s certainly the image that leaves a more lasting impression. Below are the detailed advantages of logo design:

Attract consumer attention

Think back to when you are shopping for products. Don’t you often notice the logo on the packaging? Or perhaps you first see the logo and then become interested in the product? A well-designed logo can quickly capture people’s attention.

Enhance brand recognition

A good brand logo should be designed based on the brand’s image. This not only makes it easier for consumers to remember but also indirectly conveys the brand’s value, deepening people’s impression of the brand.

Boost brand awareness

A brand logo is more attention-grabbing to consumers compared to plain text and is easier to propagate, thus enhancing brand awareness.

Differentiate from competitors

In the same industry, how do businesses differentiate themselves? The feeling conveyed by logo design is crucial as it can quickly distinguish them from competitors.

Here are 6 recommended logo design websites.

After discussing the importance of logo design, let’s now recommend some logo design websites. Once you’ve thought through your brand’s image and concept, give these a try!


For those without a clear idea about their logo’s image or specific design, GenApe AI can generate images instantly from a few descriptive paragraphs. This can inspire your logo design and provide direction.




Besides being a logo design website, Canva is a highly powerful design platform that offers a wide range of graphic design capabilities. Users can utilize Canva’s extensive template library to easily design their own branded logos.




Logaster is an AI-powered logo design website where users can easily generate logos online by entering their brand name and preferred color scheme. It’s quicker than designing a logo from scratch, but it comes with some limitations in terms of creative freedom.



Adobe Express

It is a free online logo design tool that not only offers a rich library of materials to incorporate into logo designs but also allows for the creation of dynamic logos based on specific needs. It’s a comprehensive logo design website.


Adobe Express
Adobe Express


It emphasizes a simple three-step process to easily create your own brand logo. DesignEvo offers a variety of logo templates to choose from, along with a wide selection of fonts.



Wix Logo Maker

If you’re familiar with web design, you’ve probably heard of Wix. They have their own logo design website where you can create logos for free. They also share insights about logo design on their platform. It’s worth checking out if you’re interested!


Wix Logo Maker

Providing fresh inspiration for your logo design

Are you lacking ideas for your logo design? Why not try GenApe AI to generate visuals based on your brand’s image and concepts? Just input your ideas, and it may bring to life images connected to your brand, making your logo design process less confusing!

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