5 Best AI Story GeneratorsThat Create Character Names, Themes, and Outlines


Are you having trouble generating creative ideas for your novel? Don’t worry, a novel generator can effortlessly help you overcome this challenge! Whether you need a captivating novel title, unique character names, or an imaginative story theme, the novel generator can offer you ample inspiration and support. In this article, we will introduce different types of novel generators to assist you in becoming an outstanding novelist!

What can AI story generator create?

AI story generator is a tool that can be used in various writing scenarios to generate different elements for a novel, such as names, characters, themes, and outlines. It is designed to quickly generate multiple options, assisting writers in overcoming creative blocks and saving valuable thinking time. If you often struggle with coming up with names, characters, or plotlines while writing, you can try the various random generators listed below. They can help you brainstorm ideas efficiently. These generators not only help resolve creative challenges but also provide entertainment during the writing process.

What’s the Best AI Novel Generator for Character Name?

The Novel Character Name Generator can generate suitable names based on the characters’ gender, age, race, and other characteristics. These names can highlight the personality and traits of the characters, helping you create vivid and memorable character images.

Novel Name Generator

The Novel Name Generator can easily generate hundreds of names. This generator allows you to customize surnames and choose names for male or female characters based on your needs. Whether you’re writing a novel, game script, or other creative fields, this name generator can provide great convenience.

  • Easy to use: Simply choose the gender of the character and quickly generate hundreds of names.
  • Free to use: No charges involved, just input the necessary details to obtain the desired names.
  • Website for Novel Character Name Generator: https://www.bzcm88.com/xiaoshuo/

Novel Character Name Generator – NameChef

NameChef’s Novel Character Name Generator features over 8000 carefully curated names for novel characters. Whether you need male or female character names, simply select the gender, and the system will quickly generate a large number of names that meet your requirements.

  • Diverse creativity: The Novel Character Name Generator includes over 8000 names suitable for various types of novels.
  • Various styles: Provides names with different styles and characteristics to make your characters more distinct and unique.
  • Website for the Novel Character Name Generator – NameChef: https://www.namechef.co/zh/name-generator/novel/

What’s the Best AI Novel Theme Generator?

The novel theme refers to the core idea and main plot of the entire story. The Novel Theme Generator offers multiple theme options, covering different emotions, styles, and types. You can choose the most suitable theme based on your preferences and creative direction.

Novel Theme Randomizer – 鬼東西

The Novel Theme Randomizer is a tool for randomly generating themes or story concepts for novels. These themes may be a brief description, a keyword, or a question. They can serve as a starting point or inspiration for developing more specific plots.

  • Multiple genres: Can generate different types of novel genres, providing users with diverse story backgrounds and style choices.
  • Inspires creativity: Can help users generate fresh ideas when lacking inspiration.
  • Website for the Novel Theme Randomizer – 鬼東西: https://wtf.hiigara.net/t/2g19a4

Short Story Theme Generator – RandomLife

The Short Story Theme Generator – RandomLife is designed to inspire creativity by generating random short story themes. The first option is to choose the genre, followed by selecting keywords for the writing theme, and finally choosing the writing style (person). Clicking the slot machine will provide a short story theme.

  • Random generation: RandomLife can generate various themes, covering fantasy, sci-fi, romance, mystery, horror, and more.
  • Quick generation: It can quickly generate new short story themes, saving time on user brainstorming and research.
  • Website for the Short Story Theme Generator – RandomLife: http://slot.miario.com/machines/114496  

What’s the Best AI Novel Generator to write Outline?

The novel outline represents the structure and context of the entire story. The Novel Outline Generator provides a structured plot framework to help you organize storylines, develop character relationships, and create engaging and captivating plots.

Novel Outline Generator – 鬼東西

The Novel Outline Generator can provide structure and direction, helping writers clarify the basic outline and development direction of the story before writing. It is merely a starting point and a tool that provides structural guidance. Writers can further develop and enrich the story based on their creativity and needs.

  • Simple and user-friendly: The operation of 鬼東西’s Novel Outline Generator is straightforward, saving users time for thinking and planning, allowing them to focus more on writing.
  • High flexibility: The generated novel outline is not a strict guideline, and users can further develop and expand the content according to their ideas.
  • Website for the Novel Outline Generator – 鬼東西: https://wtf.hiigara.net/t/Lnstjz  

Random Plot Generator

On this website, you will find six buttons: “Protagonist,” “Secondary Protagonist,” “Setting,” “Scenario,” “Theme,” and “Character Action.” After clicking these six buttons, a completely random plot will be presented, which you can use to write your story.

  • Unique plots: The Random Plot Generator can provide fresh settings and plots when you lack ideas.
  • Customization: While the plots are generated randomly, the Random Plot Generator provides six buttons that allow users to adjust the generated plot elements according to their preferences.
  • Website for the Random Plot Generator: https://writingexercises.co.uk/plotgenerator.php  

AI Novel Generator

The AI Novel Generator is a new creative method that has emerged with the recent AI trend. Through techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing, the AI Novel Generator can generate paragraphs, storylines, or even entire novels, making novel creation possible in just a few seconds.


NovelAI can quickly generate a large amount of novel content by simply inputting the story’s beginning. It can automatically continue the story plot and produce tens of thousands of words. Moreover, NovelAI offers various writing styles such as fantasy, horror, romance, sci-fi, and mystery, allowing users to freely choose based on their needs.

  • Creative generation: NovelAI can provide unexpected story elements, generating fresh storylines, characters, and dialogues.
  • Time-saving: It can automatically fill in storylines and create dialogues, rapidly generating a large amount of text, and relieving the burden of writers.
  • Website for the NovelAI: https://novelai.net/

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