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If you have some old photos, the quality of these photos may not be as good as it used to be. Time passing and improper preservation methods lead to blurred photos, faded colors, scratches or other blemishes, modern AI technology can help you to restore your old photos to their original state, in this article, we will introduce how to do professional photo restoration and how to choose the right old photo restoration tools. In this article, we will introduce how to do professional old photo restoration and how to choose the right old photo restoration tools.

What are the best old photo restoration tools? Top 4 Old Photo Restoration Tools

Nowadays, there are many kinds of old photo restoration tools, including online tools, mobile apps, etc. Below is a compilation of online old photo restoration tools, so that you can quickly restore your old photos.


GenApe AI Photo Repair Tool has a simple interface, upload the photos you want to repair, one click can increase the resolution of the picture, repair your old photos, and also can use AI to generate the picture function, enter the text you want to produce the photo.

With GenApe’s AI photo retouching, you can see that the photo on the left is very blurry, the original resolution is 225px x 225px, after the old photo retouching, the resolution of the new photo can be up to 896px x 896px, which is directly up to 3 times, and it becomes much clearer.

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jpgHD old photo restoration tool uses AI super-scoring model and deep learning to process old photos as well as noisy photos into high resolution, and to restore and colorize old photos. jpgHD is not only available online, but also provides iOS App, mac, Windows, and Android App.

jpgHD Old Photo Restoration
jpgHD Old Photo Restoration

Source: Retrieved from jpgHD official website


This is an online old photo renovation tool, in addition to the old photo restoration tool, the restoration of the project is divided into very small, you can repair blurred faces, black and white photo coloring, picture noise reduction, picture de-fogging a variety of functions, so that you can repair the clarity of the old photos with one click, there are other photo editing features in the online tool, you can use them together.

Restoration of old photos
Restoration of old photos

Source: Retrieved from Altered Duck Official Website

PicWish Portrait Retouching

Using AI repair technology, the original portrait blurred photos are repaired with clear facial details, no matter it’s a photo that is yellowed by age, blurred or out-of-focus, you can make the photo clear again, the steps are very simple, just upload your photo, wait for the repair, and you will get a high-definition photo immediately.

In the example below, you can see that the photo of the girl below has gone from being very blurry to very clear.

PicWish Portrait Retouching
PicWish Portrait Retouching

Source: Retrieved from PicWish Portrait Retouching Website

How to choose an old photo restoration tool

If you want to restore old photos, you have to choose the right old photo restoration tool according to your needs, the following teaches you to choose the old photo restoration tool.

user friendliness

If you want to use the old photo restoration tools, but also spend a lot of time to learn to use, relative to the restoration of a photo will take time and energy, so choose a simple interface to operate, you can save your time, easy to help you carry out the restoration, in addition to pay attention to some of the AI image restoration tool interface is only in English, so this is also a point to consider.

Clarity Tool Functions

Before choosing an old photo restoration tool, you need to understand the features of the restoration tool and confirm whether this tool can satisfy you, otherwise you need to find another tool with photo restoration to achieve the result you want.

Choose a professional tool

Photo retouching tools vary in quality, choose a retouching tool that has good user reviews and is relatively professional, so that your old photos can be retouched more accurately.

Recommended AI photo restoration tools

Now restoring old photos is no longer a problem! In addition to being able to process old photos and restore photo clarity, we recommend you an AI photo restoration tool GenApe, which provides AI-generated images with superb Chinese comprehension, try it for free now!

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