How to do short video marketing to get traffic? See the advantages of Reels, TikTok, and Shorts at once


Short video marketing has become a major investment area for various brands. The rise of social media has made YouTube, Instagram and TikTok the main sources of information for the young generation. Video marketing deepens brand impressions through story delivery and quickly establishes personal connections. This article will introduce short video The advantages of marketing and how companies can develop short video marketing.

What is short video marketing? Why do brands need to invest in short videos?

Short video marketing refers to a marketing strategy that uses concise and crisp short videos on social media platforms, with videos that are as long as one minute or less, to quickly convey messages and attract audiences. The rise of short video marketing is due to the development of technology and the popularity of smartphones, which allows people of this generation to easily create and share video content. Currently, short video marketing is divided into three mainstream platforms, which provide a wealth of tools and functions. Allowing brands and creators to quickly capture the attention of their audiences.

What are the advantages of short video marketing?

The benefits and advantages short video marketing can bring to brands or individuals are as follows:

  1. Capture attention in an ultra-short time: In the era of information explosion, short videos can attract viewers in just 10-15 seconds, quickly convey messages, and inspire consumers to purchase.
  2. Emotional and story-telling: Compared with text, through audio and video, brands can present emotions and stories more vividly, deeply affecting the audience’s impression.
  3. Cooperating with Internet celebrities/KOL marketing: Cooperating with Internet celebrities or KOLs can accelerate the increase in advertising exposure, create a large amount of voice, and further increase business opportunities.
  4. Video diversity: Through filters, soundtracks, animations, etc., short video marketing can be adjusted according to the brand image and provide different styles of content.

Quickly generate short video scripts with simple descriptions:

Short video marketing platform 1: YouTube Shorts

YouTube is not only capable of making long videos. Recently, YouTube has also been very active in expanding the influence of short videos. So if you want to make YouTube short videos, don’t miss the following points:

Shorts video seconds limit

YouTube Shorts are limited to 60 seconds, and any video longer than one minute will be judged as a long video!

Shorts short video audience age

YouTube Shorts appeal to audiences of all ages, with a particular focus on consumers aged 18-34, meaning brands can find a broad and diverse target audience here.

Shorts short video marketing advantages

  • Rich knowledge-based content: YouTube Shorts has become a gathering place for knowledge-based content, focusing on high-quality knowledge-based short films such as unboxings, reviews, and experiences, making the platform the first choice for consumers looking for professional knowledge.
  • Interactive application of long and short videos: Since YouTube has been a platform mainly for long videos since the beginning, it has only recently begun to vigorously promote short videos. Therefore, on YouTube Shorts, creators can easily create short but informative videos, and at the same time integrate these contents. Combined with long-form video content, this interactive method can expand the scope of the audience and attract them to learn more about the brand or product.

Short video platform 2: TikTok

If you want to make TikTok short videos, you can first understand whether the target audience will like this video presentation method through the following points:

TikTok short video seconds limit

Most short TikTok videos are between 15 and 30 seconds, while long videos can be recorded up to 10 minutes.

TikTok short video audience age

TikTok has attracted a large number of young audiences aged 18-24, including a large number of Generation Z users. Users in this age group are highly receptive to online consumption and e-commerce, and are also extremely receptive to new products and trends. They are also a brand key target audience.

TikTok short video marketing advantages

  • Powerful shopping guidance effect: TikTok users are easily influenced by platform recommendations and creators. This is a powerful tool for brand marketing and shopping guidance. It can be said to be an ideal platform for consumers and brand owners.
  • Advantages of female users: TikTok is the only social platform where women are the majority, which is very effective for promoting categories such as fast-moving consumer goods, beauty and clothing, because most female user groups are interested in fashion and beauty content, making these brands more popular on TikTok There are more opportunities for exposure.

Short video platform 3: Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels short video marketing can refer to the following directions:

Reels short video second limit

Most Instagram Reels short videos are about 15 to 90 seconds long. The main difference between Instagram’s limited-time dynamic videos and Reels is that the maximum length of limited-time dynamic videos is only 15 seconds.

Reels short video audience age

Instagram Reels mainly attracts users aged 18 to 35. Users in this age group are relatively fond of sharing their daily life.

Reels short video marketing advantages

  • Fast social communication capabilities: Instagram Reels are closely related to users’ personal social interactions, allowing brands to quickly share popular topics and spread quickly within users’ circles of friends. This social interaction capability can increase views and attract a larger target audience.
  • Product tagging and merchant shopping guide functions: Instagram Reels supports product tagging and linking to merchants’ official accounts, which makes shopping guide ads more effective and viewers can easily click on the links to purchase products directly.
  • Diverse content formats: Instagram Reels provides a variety of video content of different lengths and formats, supporting a variety of different interactive methods such as pictures, limited-time updates, live broadcasts, etc. This provides more options for brand marketing. Short videos can be combined with different tools to Communicate images based on different interactive goals.
Short video tutorial
Short video tutorial

4 tips to create eye-catching short videos and teach you how to easily master the traffic password of Generation Z!

Short video marketing has become a powerful tool that allows brands to quickly attract audiences, but to succeed, you need to master some key skills. Here are four important short video marketing skills to help you stand out in a fiercely competitive market.

Short video marketing skills 1 – establish brand image

Before you start shooting short videos, the first step is to establish your brand image. Whether you are a company or an individual creator, brand image is the cornerstone of your marketing success, including the brand’s core values, target audience, and the message the brand wants to convey. , only when the brand image or personal image is very clear, can your marketing content be more targeted.

Short video marketing skills 2 – coherent content and style

Once you have established your brand image, an important next tip is to create coherent content. This means that your short videos should be consistent in style and theme, or you can make a unique unit or series that will engage the audience no matter the time. Anyone who sees your videos can easily identify your content. This not only builds the trust of your audience in you, but also makes them more likely to subscribe and follow you for a long time.

Short video marketing skills 3-record daily life

When you are not sure what to shoot, the easiest way is to record your daily life. This can include your daily work, interactions with friends and family, interesting trivia, funny moments with your pets, etc. These contents may be viewed They may seem ordinary, but they can arouse the resonance of the audience. Many times we can smile knowingly when watching short videos, precisely because the content of these videos can be related to our own life situations.

Short video marketing tip 4 – Try high-traffic themes

Finally, you can try to produce or imitate content related to high-traffic topics, including knowledge teaching, situational skits, news dissemination, dance and pet interaction, etc. These topics can attract a large number of viewers on the Internet, so they are an attractive way to attract audiences. A good method. In addition, you can also learn from other successful creators, imitate their styles, and then gradually develop your own style. But do not plagiarize. If you quote parts, you should seek permission from the original video creator. Or add creator information.

In summary, short video marketing is a tool with great potential, but it requires some skills and strategies. Establishing your brand image, creating coherent content, recording daily life, and trying high-traffic themes are all ways to help you succeed. Through continuous experimentation and learning, you can also become a strong brand presence on the short video platform and attract more viewers.

Take a look at short video marketing cases

Next, let’s look at short video marketing cases at home and abroad that have successfully used short videos to create amazing traffic:

Short video marketing case 1-Pacific Ranni

Pacific Ranni’s short video marketing method is through a series of office stories. These videos show the daily conversations between the male protagonist (usually the photographer) and the female protagonist in the office. These videos can cleverly express themselves in a short period of time. It conveys the ambiguous emotions between the two people, arouses the audience’s resonance and interest, and makes the audience want to continue to pay attention to the subsequent development of these stories.

Short video marketing case 2-Crazy Little Yang

Why is “Crazy Little Brother Yang” so popular? The reasons are as follows:

  1. Humor style: In recent years, many people have felt depressed due to masks and other reasons, but “Crazy Young Brother” has injected joy into the lives of the audience with his pure comedy style. His videos are full of unexpected laughs. The audience couldn’t help but laugh.
  2. Family relationship focus: He continues to share funny short videos about family on Douyin, creating many popular characters, such as “Love as a Brother”, “Real Life Brother”, “Internet Addict Dad” and “Violent Mom” , although these characters seem absurd, there is a harmonious and loving family atmosphere behind them.
  3. Increased traffic: Crazy Little Yang later entered the live streaming industry by creating interesting characters, which made the brand’s popularity even higher. His humorous and interesting delivery style led to his live broadcast videos being edited into short videos. After diffusion, it can continue to bring an endless stream of traffic.

Key analysis of future short video marketing trends


Should all brands participate in short video marketing?

The appeal of short videos lies in their ability to convey brand messages in a very short period of time, but they may not be suitable for all industries and target audiences. Brands should carefully consider whether to provide valuable content for their target audiences. Although short videos can bring There is a lot of traffic, but the traffic itself does not necessarily translate into actual performance, so brands need to ensure that their short video content is consistent with the brand image and can resonate with the audience.

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