How To Write SEO Content?7 Tips for Creating Optimized Content


Do you know what SEO marketing is? After putting in the effort to write website articles, have you found that the click-through rates are disappointingly low? Exposure and traffic seem stagnant, and conversion rates achieved are quite minimal? In this article, we will delve into the comprehensive understanding of SEO internet marketing. We’ll differentiate between SEO marketing and SEM marketing, and take you through 7 detailed steps of optimizing your articles for search engines. Learn how to progress from a marketing novice to a proficient player in the field. So, let’s dive in together!

What is SEO marketing?

The official name of SEO is “Search Engine Optimization”. This is not to optimize search engines such as Google or Bing.Instead, it is a series process of improving our own website optimization . In line with the operation mode of the current algorithm logic and rules, the easier it is for Google to understand our website, the more our website can be crawled by Google, so that the ranking of the website can be quickly improved when it is searched.

SEO can be divided into “Technical optimization” and “Content optimization”:

  • Technical optimization: including project like faster page loading, website security, structured data, sitemaps.
  • Content optimization: The content that can be optimized includes title, table of contents, preface, keywords, content, pictures and charts, calls to action and other items. Good content is the key factor for the success of SEO optimization. In addition to writing the content that people can understand , it must also can be understood by Google in order to get higher seo rank .

What sets apart SEO marketing from SEM marketing?

In addition to SEO, we often hear about SEM. What is the difference between the two?

The distinctive aspects of SEO marketing ranking strategies.

When we search for information on the Internet, we can see the first few pieces of information at the top or bottom of the search result page, the words “advertisement” or “sponsored” will appear on the top, and the most original information will appear under the paid keyword advertisement. , also known as organic search results.

SEO is mainly to improve the ranking in the natural search results without paying. No matter how many times the user clicks on the post, or how long the article lasts in the first place, there is no need to pay extra to the platform.

Features of SEM digital Marketing

SEM originally refers to various methods that can improve search rankings, including SEO and paid keyword advertising. However, as time goes by, most people now directly explain it as paid advertising when they talk about SEM. Platform-related advertising costs, your article will immediately get a top ranking at the scheduled advertising time, but the payment amount will vary with the selected plan, and after the advertising is over, the article will not Instead of staying at number one, it will revert back to where it was in organic search.

It can be seen that the biggest difference between SEO and SEM is whether to pay or not, and the speed at which the ranking rushes to the first page of search results. Because of this, if a merchant without sufficient funds may want to focus on SEO, although SEO optimization does not need to spend actual money, it needs to spend a lot of time and effort on content research and gradual adjustments to have the opportunity to make the website more popular. Overall ranking improved.

Why is it recommended to engage in website ranking optimization through SEO marketing?

Why Is Writing for SEO Important?

SEO is very important. When you finish a new article, even if it is rich in content and full of information, without SEO optimization, your article will be like an isolated island to the Internet world, and there is no way to be easily found by users. The goal of SEO optimization is to increase the possibility of this isolated island being discovered. As long as the exposure opportunities increase, the click-through rate and conversion income that can be brought to the island will also increase!

So how much benefit does SEO actually bring? Here are the top three advantages of SEO marketing that we have compiled for you:

Getting Long-Term Traffic to Your Content

Compared to SEM,the most well-known benefit of SEO is that   the advertising effect will not be interrupted once the advertisement is stopped, the investment cost of SEO will decrease with time. Although the initial investment takes lots of time and energy, you can imagine  that as long as you successfully improve the ranking in the natural search results, your article may appear on the first page of the search results, which means how many people search for the keyword every month,  how many times you can get brand exposure for free.

In addition, the ranking of the search results page will also make a significant difference in the amount of exposure. Briefly speaking, after searching for keywords, people usually choose to read the first few articles they found. That is to say, when the ranking of the article is higher In front of it, the click-through rate is naturally higher, so if you can do a good job of SEO and make the ranking rise to the top of the first page, you can imagine that the traffic it can bring will be very amazing.

Improve Conversion Rates by Optimizing Search Intent

Before buying items or services, most people will search in advance to make sure the price, quality or other matters that they want to pay attention to. At this time, users usually search for keywords with strong motivation. If articles related to your product or service “coincidentally”  appear on the search results page you looking for, and those potential buyers with precise search intentions are likely to directly bring conversions to you.

Gain Potential Customer Trust and Boost Sales

Compared with paid advertising, SEO optimization is also very important. If we see the word “advertisement” on the article during general search, we may deliberately ignore it, because users usually don’t like the feeling of being promoted But if It is a top-ranking article without sponsorship words, it will make users feel that this should be a good website that everyone has certified,and it will increase their trust in the website and enhance the click-through rate of the article.

7 Essential SEO Marketing Writing Techniques for Beginners

SEO and Content Marketing Advice

However, SEO optimization can’t be done just once, because users’ search intentions and needs for products may change over time, and Google will also change the scoring benchmarks of search rankings every month, so if you want your website to to maintain the top ranking, you need to check the website ranking regularly,  find out the key factors that affect the ranking and continue to adjust and correct.

If you don’t know hoe to start article SEO, we have compiled the following suggestions for you:

How to Build a Content Marketing Keyword Plan

  • Look for keywords related to the topic: We must ensure that the keywords we choose are in line with the topic of the article. If we want to write an article on marketing knowledge today, but the keywords are “medical beauty products” and “philosophical logic”, this may be a problem. May stray off topic theme and lead to poor seach results.
  • Select keywords with searchability: When we have finished researching related keywords, we can select 1~3 groups of keywords as main keywords among the collected keywords, and we can consider the search volume of these keyword while choosing . If the search rate is too low, the traffic it can bring will be relatively low.
  • Combination of content and keywords: After we have selected keywords, in addition to generating content that matches the keywords, we can also include other keywords that are highly searched and related to the topic in the title and article, increasing the probability of being found by different customer segments.

Collect information ( analyze content of competing products )

If you don’t know how to arrange the structure and content of the article, then we can also refer to other competitors’ websites, directly search for the determined keywords, check the article structure written by the top-ranking competing brands, and refer to the competitor’s title, content outline, How the tone of writing is written will help us arrange the overall idea of ​​the article. But be careful not to just put it another way or plagiarize directly! Otherwise, in addition to possible copyright concerns, points may also be deducted by the algorithm.

Make the content Unique ( With copy generators suggestions )

Unique article content is the most important part of SEO marketing! High-quality and novel article content can retain new potential users for you, and can also make original users continue to pay attention to you. So how to post content that is different from others becomes very critical. If you often encounter the problem of exhaustion of inspiration or slow production efficiency when producing articles, here we recommend two useful article generation assistants:


Genape is a high-quality AI copywriting generator with a variety of copywriting templates, which can be applied in website SEO, social media, advertising slogans, video scripts, etc., and it can quickly generate attractive content according to the keywords and goals provided by users Copywriting helps businesses and creators stand out on the Internet.

  • Simple operation: Just enter relevant keywords, and Genape can generate high-quality content with one click, whether it is articles, product copywriting, websites or social media posts.
  • Diversified content: In addition to adjusting the tone of the description, it can also help you rewrite and expand the copy, making your article unique and novel, not as blunt as ordinary AI-generated text!

Genape website :

ChatGPT ( Open ai )

Although it is not like Genape that has classified the copywriting that you may want to make, the well-known ChatGPT can also help us generate attractive articles! There are many related operation teachings on the Internet that you can refer to, such as how to give the correct instructions to make ChatGPT generate suitable articles and other operation teachings.

  • Free operation : As long as the user enters prompts and instructions, they can get multiple pieces of copywriting for free.
  • Grab inspiration: AI technology calculates the response from the massive knowledge base, which can provide users with different themes and abundant inspiration.

Further reading : How To Use Chatgpt To Write Copywriting

Link to High-Quality Internal & External Sites

Internal and external links are a very important element in SEO articles, because Google will not only score by the quality of the article content, but also consider the viewing experience of users when reading. What we call internal links is ” the pages of your own website, links to another page of your own website”, while external links are “links from your own website to other’s websites”. The links in the article will affect the bounce rate of users on the website, the length of stay and other factors. It is the key point for Google to judge whether our articles are of high quality.

Put Alt text descriptions on pictures and videos

If there are only text in the article, it is easy to cause visual fatigue, and most users like to watch pictures and videos, so we will intersperse pictures or videos in the article to improve the user’s reading experience. But this is actually not that important for Google, because he is not smart enough to understand the message of the picture, so it will need you to describe the picture in words, which is what we call “ALT text tag”. We can briefly use keywords to describe the content of the picture and tell What does this picture mean for search engines, so that the chances of the article being exposed and searched can be further improved.

How To Put CTA (call to action)

When purchasing products or browsing articles, have you ever seen the buttons or links such as “Book Now”, “Learn More”, and “Add to Cart”,these buttons that urge you to click them are called “CTA (Call To Action)”. CTA is usually placed at the end of the text to guide users to click and to send more product information to those who are browsing the website. Potential buyers, so if the CTA is well designed and properly positioned, it can attract many people to take the next step and increase the conversion rate of the website. If you forget to put the CTA, you may lose many potential customers.

How To Improve Article legibility?

  • Highlights: You can use bold, italic, or underlined methods to help users mark the key content you want them to read.
  • Number of words in a paragraph: Remember to divide it into paragraphs, and the number of sentences in each paragraph should not exceed 4 lines, otherwise users may be too lazy to continue reading.
  • Correction of typos: Too many typos will make the user’s reading experience awfully, and may be judged as poor quality article content!
  • Improve Sentence Fluency : Pay attention to whether the vocabulary used in the article is too difficult or too colloquial.

How to be a master of digital marketing in a short time?

Through the above description, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of what an SEO article is and how to write an SEO copywriting. Next, let’s try it out! Whether you need to make a long article or a short article, you only need to enter the subject keywords, and Genape can quickly generate high-quality copywriting through AI technology, saving you a lot of troublesome time. Try Genape now and let you easily become an online marketing copywriter Master !

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