Xiaohongshu:The Rapidly Rising Social Media in China


This article provides a comprehensive guide on using Xiaohongshu, including steps and tips for crafting engaging content, an overview of current banned words on the platform, and examples of popular writing styles. Additionally, we introduce two must-know tools for creating effective Xiaohongshu notes.

Xiaohongshu Title Character Limit

Xiaohongshu titles are limited to 20 characters, with the optimal range being 14-18 characters. Avoid titles with fewer than 10 characters. You can add emojis to extend the title to two lines, increasing the chances of attracting clicks. Additionally, adding text titles to the main image helps highlight the note content in Explore or search results previews, attracting more user clicks. Observing other influencers, you will notice many follow this practice.

Xiaohongshu Banned Words

Xiaohongshu’s prohibited words include the following categories:

Exaggerated Terms

“Supreme, ultimate, world-class, universe-class,” etc.

Superlative Words

“Top, premium, perfect, unparalleled,” etc.

False Advertising

“Refund if ineffective, 100% effective, no side effects,” etc.

Superstitious Words

Good luck, attract wealth, balance energy,” etc.

Terms Indicating Exclusivity

“No.1, first in the nation, unique,” etc.

Financial Investment Terms

“Guaranteed returns, risk-free,” etc.

Fraud-Related Terms

“Click to win, exclusive offers,” etc.

These banned words are based on Xiaohongshu’s policies and may change. Always check the official guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid restrictions or account impacts.

Xiaohongshu Copywriting Process and Techniques

Xiaohongshu posts are often referred to as “notes” by users. The process of writing Xiaohongshu copy can be broken down into the following five steps:

Step 1: Identify Target Audience and Topic

Before writing Xiaohongshu copy, consider the purpose of the copy and the target audience, including age, gender, preferences, and lifestyle habits. Based on the type of copy, determine the theme direction, such as instructional guides, knowledge explanations, comparisons, summaries, etc. Currently, the most popular type of Xiaohongshu copy involves customer testimonials, sharing experiences or data to attract readers.

Step 2: Gather and Organize Information

For in-depth copy, you need to gather and organize information, including keyword analysis and competitor copy observation, ensuring the information is accurate and authentic. Remember, do not plagiarize; if you need to cite sources, always credit them properly.

Step 3: Structure the Copy

Use the fishbone writing method to divide the structure into the head (introductory quote), bones (paragraph titles), meat (explanatory content), and tail (conclusion). The introductory quote must be attention-grabbing, with a title that arouses curiosity, generates interest, desire, and prompts action. The content should be rich and solid, and the conclusion should summarize the key points for the reader.

Step 4: Include a Clear CTA

Design a simple and clear call-to-action (CTA) button to prevent customer loss and encourage user interaction, such as “Follow Now” or “Subscribe Immediately.”

Step 5: Refine the Copy

Check the overall flow of the Xiaohongshu copy, use punctuation to control the rhythm, use simple, clear language, and avoid redundancy and typos. For further optimization, you can adjust the tone one-on-one or use emojis to enhance the visual layout and connect with readers.

How to Write Xiaohongshu Copy?

Xiaohongshu Title Writing

The title of a Xiaohongshu note is crucial as it gives users the first impression of the note, so it should summarize the note content in one sentence, highlighting the topic direction to attract target users to click. The title style should match the field and account style, ensuring consistency across the account and copy content. For creating viral titles, you can use Xiaohongshu title AI tools or consider these two main approaches:

  • Keywords: Include keywords in the title to improve searchability and traffic.
  • Tips: Enhance the title with elements like numbers, identities, and emotions to increase impact and curiosity.

Xiaohongshu Copy Examples

Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle-centric social sharing platform, so its copy often adopts a lively and cute tone to connect with readers. Here are some example copies:

Cute Xiaohongshu Copy Examples:

  1. Simple days hide the best little surprises.🎁❤️
  2. This winter with you is like a warm cup of milk tea, always there when needed.❄️☕️
  3. Your smile appears at the most beautiful moments, like sunshine.☀️😊
  4. I want to put you in my pocket, so I can take a look whenever I feel down~
  5. Wearing this super cute pajama set, I’m ready to date my dreams all night!💤🌙
  6. Childhood dreams have always shone brightly in my heart✨🌙
  7. My smile is a hidden secret weapon against all bad moods!😊🌟
  8. Face challenges bravely, for success often lies in the most difficult moments🌈
  9. Sometimes, all you need is a fragrant cup of coffee to ignite your passion for life!☕️❤️
  10. Feelings flutter like butterflies as vacation mode starts, free from constraints!💖

Recommended Tools for Writing Xiaohongshu Copy

If you lack inspiration for writing Xiaohongshu copy, consider using the following two AI-generated content tools:


GenApe is a must-have tool for marketers, offering numerous copy templates for posts, content rewriting, and short video scripts in multiple languages, it also can generate high-quality articles whether long or short.

If you want to generate Xiaohongshu copy suitable for posting using GenApe, simply go to the social media category, select a post template, and enter keywords. It will create viral copy for you, even automatically adding context-appropriate emojis, greatly enhancing your content creation efficiency.

Use Instagram Caption to generate Eye-catching Xiaohongshu copy now: https://app.genape.ai/templates/tiktokVideoScripts


Juzikong is a great database for finding inspiration and improving writing. It collects famous quotes from various fields, classic movie lines, anime quotes, and ancient poetry.

Just enter relevant tags or keywords to easily find ideal sentences. Juzikong’s most useful feature is its organization of popular quotes and related tags, allowing you to quickly find the desired sentence type without wasting search time.

Recommended Tools for Writing Xiaohongshu Copy: Juzikong

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