3 Strategies for Successful YouTube Channel Management


After creating a YouTube channel, Are you considering how to elevate your YouTube channel to new heights? This article will explain how the YouTube algorithm works and provide you with three strategies for managing a YouTube channel, helping you to have a clear direction when building your YouTube presence.

How to Create Youtube Channel

Creating a YouTube channel is simple if you have a Google account. Follow these steps to manage and start building your own channel:

  1. Go to YouTube and click on the “Sign In” button located at the top right corner. Log in using your Google account credentials.
  2. Once logged in, click on your profile icon at the top right and select “Your Channel” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Customize your channel by adding a channel name, description, and adjusting settings as per your preferences and channel type.
  4. Start uploading your content by clicking on the camera icon with a “+” sign and selecting “Upload video” to share your first video.
  5. Before publishing your video, optimize it for search engines (SEO) by choosing a descriptive title, writing a compelling description, adding relevant tags, and selecting an appealing thumbnail.

Manage Youtube Channel by Mastering the Algorithm

Before delving into your YouTube management strategy, the first crucial step is to understand the current trends in the YouTube algorithm. This knowledge is essential for getting your videos featured in recommendations, making it the key to capturing traffic. The foundational logic behind the current YouTube algorithm recommendations is:

Click-through rate (CTR) + Watch Time = Probability of being recommended

It means the higher the click-through rate or total watch time of a video, the higher its probability of being recommended. Have you noticed the shift? In the past, YouTube often prioritized recommending content from channels you were subscribed to. However, now it’s common to see videos from lesser-known channels on the homepage, and if those videos have good click-through rates, it suggests that YouTube is placing more emphasis on click-through rates and reducing the weight of recommending subscribed channels. Additionally, there are some factors that influence YouTube recommendations:

  • User Preference for Relevance: YouTube predicts user preferences based on keywords users have searched for, their watch history, and the types of channels they are subscribed to. This helps in recommending videos with high relevance to the user’s interests.
  • Geographical Relevance: YouTube takes into account the user’s geographical location to recommend videos relevant to that region. For instance, if you are in Taiwan, YouTube might recommend videos related to Taiwan, such as Taiwanese news or travel content.

Identify Target Audience of Your Youtube Channel

If you’re unsure about the topics for your videos, start by identifying your target audience! Your target audience is the group of people you anticipate watching your videos — the audience you aim to serve. Here are some practices to help you determine your target audience:

Find the Value You Can Provide

Regardless of the type of content you create, creators must first understand what they can share and the value they can provide. Even if it’s humorous short videos, it still offers entertainment value. Typically, what you share should align with your strengths or areas where you have expertise. So, start by identifying your expertise! Additionally, consider whether these topics have broad appeal; if they are too niche, the audience might be limited.

Clarify Your Revenue Streams

If your goal is to monetize through YouTube ad revenue, focus on increasing clicks and views as these are the primary factors influencing earnings. However, if you’re an e-commerce business selling maternity and baby products and your aim is to drive traffic to your website and boost the conversion rate, then your target audience should be people likely to make purchases. In this case, your main source of revenue is selling products, not video views. To precisely reach potential customers, create videos on topics that interest new parents.

Create Algorithm-friendly Content.

Create Algorithm-Friendly Content YouTube is ultimately an entertainment platform, so only content that is “useful” or “interesting” can attract viewers. As mentioned earlier, videos with longer watch times are favored in the algorithm. Therefore, creating useful or interesting content tailored to your target audience is crucial for content layout. Here are a few suggestions:

Create Content on Similar Topics

User preference is one of the crucial criteria for YouTube algorithm recommendations. If you develop videos on similar topics within your channel, YouTube may recommend your videos to people who have watched your content before. For example, someone who enjoys watching videos about a particular game may also be interested in other games. If your channel features edited videos of two different games, YouTube’s video recommendations could potentially keep viewers on your channel for a longer duration.

Develop Videos with Different Objectives

Even for channels with a very specific theme, it’s advisable to segment videos into different purposes. For instance, on an educational channel, videos can be categorized as trending topics for gaining traffic, in-depth knowledge-based content, and evergreen content that remains relevant over time. The objectives of these three types of videos would be to attract new viewers with trending topics, establish the channel’s identity, and maintain a steady flow of traffic. Therefore, consider the nature of your channel and the goals you want to achieve when deciding the purpose of your videos.

Attract Clicks with Compelling Thumbnails and Titles

Thumbnails and titles are indeed crucial. A title and thumbnail that sparks curiosity can almost double the click-through rate of a video. This is why many videos have eye-catching titles. Keep in mind that even if a product is of high quality, if no one sees it, it’s as if it doesn’t exist. Therefore, learning how to create attention-grabbing titles is an essential skill when managing a YouTube channel.

GenApe Youtube Title
GenApe Youtube Title

If you’re unsure how to create titles that grab attention, you can enlist the help of AI tools: https://app.genape.ai/templates/youtubeTitles

Establish a Connection with Your Audience

Certainly, if you want to make the YouTube views more stable, you cannot solely rely on algorithms and content. A smart approach is to retain viewers who have watched your videos, making them more attached to your content. This can potentially increase watch time and even lead to recommendations to others. Therefore, building a connection with your audience, fostering trust, and making them more engaged with your content can be key. Here are some recommended methods:

Like and Reply to Comments

Liking and replying to comments under your videos is the most basic form of interaction. For smaller channels, viewer comments might be infrequent, so it’s crucial not to let these rare opportunities slip away. Always remember to respond to them genuinely, expressing your gratitude. You can also tailor your responses to align with your channel’s persona, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Establish a Public Community Account

YouTube management doesn’t have to be limited to videos alone. Many YouTubers also maintain accounts on other social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Besides syncing video releases, posting text-based content on these platforms helps build an impression beyond your videos. On social media, consider focusing on light, everyday topics. For example, if your content is educational, occasional behind-the-scenes posts or casual updates can make your channel’s persona more three-dimensional, enhancing relatability and potentially attracting likes and comments from fans.

Create a Private Fan Community

When your fan base reaches a certain size, consider creating an exclusive private community, such as a Discord or LINE group. One significant function of a private community is fostering interaction among fans, creating a sense of belonging that makes it less likely for fans to leave. In such communities, YouTubers don’t need to constantly participate in discussions; instead, fans can engage with each other and initiate topics. Note that a private community doesn’t necessarily have to impose strict conditions for joining. Fans who choose to stay in such a community are likely to have a high level of trust in you, making them potential loyal customers, and collaborations become much easier.

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