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About GenApe

GenApe is a business-focused generative AI platform that enables your team to create brand-tailored content 10 times faster, from wherever you work online.


GenApe's product core features

Original ideation

GenApe can assist content creators with ideation and provide diverse, unique creative content.

Increase productivity

GenApe Article Writing can automatically generate articles, so it can greatly improve the efficiency of content production.

Reduce costs

The cost of writing articles with GenApe is lower than that of traditional copywriting, because it only needs to input a small amount of content, and can complete the creation of a large amount of content in a very short time.

Improve SEO ranking

GenApe can create content according to the principles of SEO, thereby improving the SEO ranking of the website, increasing exposure and traffic.

Who is suitable for operation?


Output process

Select tool

Choose the tool or template you want to use in GenApe.

Input information

Please complete the relevant fields with the corresponding information.

Generate content

GenApe will generate content based on the information provided by users.

Edit content

The content generated can be edited or modified based on the user's requirements.


Common problems that may be encountered in use

The GenApe can serve a multitude of purposes such as crafting blog post, website articles, social media posts, and other forms of written content.

If you have any other better ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Currently supported languages: Chinese and English

Please rest assured that the content generated by GenApe is original and there will be no plagiarism.

Yes, you can use the generated content wherever you want, including commercial purposes.


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For bloggers & businesses
$1000 /mo
- billed monthly

Everything in Starter plan + powerful tools for writing full length content (like blog posts) with added control & flexibility.

340,000 tokens (~200,000 words) generated
80,000 1,600,000+
  • Compose & Command features

  • Google docs style editor

  • Maximum content look-back

  • Increased limits on templates

  • Grows with your team

  • Support chat


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Get custom words/user packages and billing options, and the onboarding and support you need to scale with Genape.

Custom Plan & Price
  • Custom words/user packages

  • Manage limits per user

  • Flexible billing options

  • Dedicated Account Manager

  • Onboarding & training sessions

  • Premium technical support


User reviews from various sources

Tracy Hu
Tracy Hu
Marketing Director
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I am very satisfied with GenApe because it helps me create high-quality content and finish it in a short time. GenApe is very easy to use, and its language model is very fluent, with almost no mistakes or spelling mistakes .If you are a writer or editor who needs to complete high-quality content quickly, I highly recommend this AI writing product.
Business Owner
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GenApe is a perfect fit for our company as it helps us generate professional articles and reports quickly. Our employees can now focus on more important tasks instead of spending a lot of time and energy on writing. This The product is very easy to use, and the accuracy and fluency of the language model is also very high. If you want to improve your work efficiency and save time, I strongly recommend you to consider GenApe.
Liliy yang
Liliy yang
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GenApe is the best I've ever used because it can automatically generate some really interesting and unique content. Not only that, but it also adjusts to my writing style and tone to make the content more relevant to me I can now save a lot of time and the quality of the content produced is very high. If you need to quickly generate interesting and unique content, this AI writing product is worth a try.
John D.
John D.
Senior Marketing Staff
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I've never used an AI writing product like GenApe, which not only helps me create high-quality content, but also automatically corrects my grammar and spelling mistakes. GenApe can write and read almost like a human. editor, and is able to generate impressive content. If you are a writer or editor who needs professional writing and editing tools, GenApe is definitely worth a try.