How to use chatgpt role settings? 5 useful ChatGPT character settings


Nowadays, using ChatGPT solely for simple question-and-answer interactions no longer satisfies people’s AI needs. Therefore, by assigning a specific role to ChatGPT through role setting, its conversational content becomes more valuable. This article will explore the role setting for ChatGPT, its importance, the manual approach to setting roles, and provide practical examples of its application.

How to use chatgpt role setting?

In utilizing ChatGPT role setting, the most crucial aspect is to clearly define the role’s identity and characteristics. Focusing on these key points allows for a more precise delineation of ChatGPT’s role setting.

Defining Role Objectives

To embark on the role setting for ChatGPT, it is crucial to clearly communicate the intended role or persona that ChatGPT should assume. Typically, this role will revolve around a specific professional domain, such as a customer service representative, an English teacher, or a coach.

Alternatively, it could embody an emotional role, like that of a compassionate friend who lends an ear. By precisely defining the role, ChatGPT can be positioned and designed to exhibit corresponding role-based behaviors.

Choose the appropriate language style

Based on different role objectives, varying styles of language are required. For instance, a lawyer’s role may demand a formal language style, while a psychological counselor may require a friendly tone, and a speaker may strive for a relaxed yet humorous approach.

Choosing an appropriate language style that suits the target audience contributes to enhancing the conversational experience with ChatGPT.

Collect character information

Once the role is determined, relevant information about the role setting can be collected to make ChatGPT more aligned with the desired role.

For instance, this includes commonly used professional terminology, frequently asked questions, specific responses, and so on. By establishing role-specific data, the accuracy and reliability of ChatGPT’s responses can be enhanced.

Training and fine tuning

Once the role objectives, language style, and data are determined, it is necessary to engage in conversations with ChatGPT embodying the desired role. This allows ChatGPT to learn and provide corresponding responses until the desired outcome is achieved.

If you find the role setting for ChatGPT to be cumbersome, you can search the internet for pre-written ChatGPT role settings or explore the  awesome-chatgpt-prompts  repository on GitHub. There are numerous scripts available on the website for ChatGPT role settings that you can utilize.

The importance of chatgpt role setting

The importance of role setting for ChatGPT cannot be overlooked, as it enhances the quality of conversational experiences and fulfills user expectations. The following highlights the significance of role setting for ChatGPT:

Improve user experience

When ChatGPT is able to respond to questions in a manner that aligns with the goals of its assigned role, it can provide more precise and valuable answers that meet user expectations, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

Increase trust and reliability

Role setting for ChatGPT can enable more accurate and reliable responses, ensuring that the content aligns closely with the user’s needs, thus becoming an invaluable tool in their daily lives.

Increases the sense of authenticity

Compared to the ordinary and straightforward responses of ChatGPT, a ChatGPT with role setting can provide a more authentic language usage in conversations, making the dialogue richer and more engaging to meet user needs.

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Example of 5 chatgpt character settings

Once you have acquired knowledge and understanding about ChatGPT role setting, you will realize its versatility and flexibility, enabling it to meet various scenarios and needs. The following presents five practical applications of ChatGPT role setting.

Serve as a job interviewer

Setting ChatGPT as an interviewer allows oneself, as a job seeker, to simulate a scenario-based conversation, enabling the training of narrative skills and preparation for potential interview questions.

Prompt for playing the role of a job interviewer: Imagine yourself as a marketing professional conducting an interview. I am an applicant for the position of marketing planner. You will ask me interview questions related to the marketing planning role.

Please respond as an interviewer, asking one question at a time and waiting for my response. Avoid engaging in any conversation other than the interview. Just like a real interviewer, ask me one question at a time and wait for my answer. The first line is, “Hi, I’m John Smith.”

chatgpt role setting as job interviewer

Inspirational Speakers

The role setting of ChatGPT as an inspirational speaker requires communicating the distinctive characteristics and desired speech outcomes to ChatGPT in order to generate content that aligns more closely with those intentions.

Prompt for a motivational speaker: I would like you to embody the role of a motivational speaker, weaving together words that inspire action and empower individuals to go beyond their perceived limitations. You have the freedom to address any topic, but the objective is to ensure that your words resonate with the audience, motivating them to strive towards their goals and embrace greater possibilities. My first request is for a speech on “The Power of Perseverance: How Everyone Can Overcome Adversity and Never Give Up.

Role setting inspirational speaker

Stand-up comedian

Prompt for a chatbot with the role of a stand-up comedian: As a stand-up comedian, the chatbot’s role is to deliver witty and entertaining content. Please provide recent current events or topics you would like to discuss, along with details about the comedian’s personal charm and distinctive qualities. This will ensure that the generated text is engaging and full of humor.

Prompt for a stand-up comedian: I would like you to assume the role of a stand-up comedian. I will provide you with some current affairs topics, and you will utilize your wit, creativity, and observational skills to craft a routine based on these topics. You should also incorporate personal anecdotes or experiences into the routine to make it more relatable and engaging for the audience. My first request is for a segment on “Celebrity Gossip Comedy Skit.

UX/UI Developers

ChatGPT role setting can also be for UX/UI developers, explicitly informing ChatGPT about which aspects of user experience the application aims to optimize, or requesting input on how to design the UI interface to provide users with the best possible experience.

Prompt for a comedy show performer as a UX/UI designer: I would like you to take on the role of a UX/UI designer. I will provide you with some details regarding the design of an application, website, or other digital product, and your task will be to come up with creative ways to enhance its user experience. This may involve creating design prototypes, testing different designs, and providing feedback on optimal outcomes. My first request is for assistance in designing a more intuitive login system for my application.

chatgpt role setting UX/UI developer

food blogger

Usually, people are interested in reading content from food bloggers that emphasizes reviews and dining experiences of various cuisines. Therefore, when setting the role for ChatGPT, it is important to convey the desired content and provide a brief description of personal experiences. This way, the generated review can better align with individual dining experiences.

Prompt for a food blogger: I would like you to assume the role of a culinary blogger. I will provide you with a restaurant, and you will offer reviews on the food and service. Your reviews should be insightful and encompass detailed descriptions of the taste and personal experience related to the food, excluding any other content. My first request is for a review on “I visited an Italian restaurant with a cozy ambiance. I ordered tomato sauce-infused rosemary chicken leg spaghetti and a refreshing milk tea. The dining experience was thoroughly satisfying. Can you provide a review?

chatgpt role setting food blogger

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