Recommendations for free AI image generation websites: A swift guide to mastering AI drawing generators


Amidst the burgeoning landscape of AI-generated artworks, do you harbor a desire to create your own images? This article presents seven free AI image generation websites, guiding you through the process of selection and the crafting of keywords for AI drawing. After perusing, you can select a suitable AI automatic image generation website to utilize.

What is AI drawing?

AI drawing, also known as AI sketching, AI illustration, or AI image generation, employs AI algorithms to mimic the artistic styles and techniques of human artists. Users simply input their ideas through text, and the AI drawing generator can produce corresponding images based on the instructions. AI-generated art holds significant value in artistic creation and design, with widespread applications. Even users with no prior artistic knowledge can effortlessly create their own works with the help of AI drawing generators.

Recommended AI Drawing Generator Websites

Curated are seven free AI image generation tools and websites, including Midjourney, DALL·E 2, Stable Diffusion, GenApe, Fotor, Leonardo Ai, and MyEdit. The functionality, supported languages, costs, and advantages of these AI image generation websites will be elucidated. A comparison chart will be crafted to facilitate a quicker understanding of the distinctions among these tools. Additionally, the unique features and drawbacks of each AI image generation tool will be delineated, allowing users to select the most suitable one according to their preferences and needs.


GenApe is an AI tool that integrates article generation and Chinese AI image generation. With just a brief input of image description, it swiftly generates images. In case you’re unsure how to give commands, you can click on their surprise button for assistance in generating commands. Additionally, you can utilize the enhancement description feature on the right side, ensuring that the AI-generated images align more closely with your imagination.

The free AI image generation website GenApe offers specifications for generating images in portrait, landscape, and square orientations, with a maximum size of up to 1024px. It allows generating up to 5 images at a time and provides various styles to choose from, such as cinematic and oil painting styles, which can be adjusted according to your needs.

GenApe’s remarkable prowess lies in its profound understanding of Chinese commands, ensuring a high degree of coherence between the AI-generated images and instructions provided. Below are examples of the generated images.

GenApe Text-to-Image
GenApe Text-to-Image

Currently, there is also a User-Generated Content (UGC) feature available, allowing users to view AI-generated images from others and generate images based on their instructions. Additionally, users can download, like, and share these images with their friends.

GenApe User-Generated Content (UGC) Functionality
GenApe User-Generated Content (UGC) Functionality

Access AI-generated imagery for free immediately:

GenApe Features:

  • In addition to drawing generators, the ability to produce various texts accompanies the creation of images, ensuring a seamless integration of both elements.
  • The User-Generated Content (UGC) feature allows users to view images generated by other users.
  • The operation of AI automated image generation is exceedingly straightforward.
  • Exhibits a profound understanding of Chinese commands.

GenApe Disadvantages:

  • Unable to further modify the image.
  • The duration for which generated images are stored is limited


Midjourney is a free AI image generation website developed by Leap Motion. It creates corresponding images based on the text descriptions provided by users. What sets it apart from similar platforms is that users must possess a Discord account, and all operations take place on the official Discord website. Midjourney’s standout feature lies in its speed and accuracy, resulting in fewer instances of broken or abnormal images.

However, Midjourney, the AI drawing tool, has required a subscription fee of at least $8 since March 2023, offering four different plans, with no free option available.

Midjourney features:

  • Fast and highly accurate
  • Supports Chinese commands
  • Adjusting the proportions of AI-generated images.

Midjourney Disadvantages:

  • Requires a Discord account
  • Easily susceptible to interference from other users.
  • If one has not procured a plan of Pro or higher tier, the generation of images is made available for public download to all.
AI Drawing Generator Midjourney
AI Drawing Generator Midjourney


“DALL·E 2, an AI drawing generator, was unveiled by OpenAI, the developers of ChatGPT, in early 2021. DALL·E 2 distinguishes itself from other AI drawing generators with its remarkable semantic comprehension and associative capabilities, making it exceptionally precise and robust. Moreover, its user interface is intuitive, allowing for easy navigation. Generating images with AI simply involves inputting text into the designated field to prompt image creation. However, akin to ChatGPT, the platform imposes certain constraints on content generation, disallowing the creation of violent, adult-oriented, or politically sensitive images.”

If interested, registering now entitles you to 50 complimentary points for AI generation, with an additional 14 points granted every month thereafter (each point can generate 4 images), making it a rather favorable option

DALL·E 2 features:

  • Strong semantic understanding and association capabilities
  • User-friendly interface
  • Edit AI-generated images

DALL-E 2 defective:

  • Maximum image size is 1024×1024 pixels
  • Content restrictions apply
DALL-E 2 Drawing Generator
DALL-E 2 Drawing Generator

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion, released in 2022, is an AI drawing generator akin to DALL•E 2 in functionality. Its interface is sleek, and its operation is straightforward. Simply inputting text into the designated field yields four images. One of Stable Diffusion’s primary advantages lies in its abundance of adjustable parameters for AI-generated images, affording users considerable flexibility. Registration for Stable Diffusion takes approximately 30 seconds, and usage doesn’t even necessitate logging in. Furthermore, it offers direct access through the free AI image generation website, Stable Diffusion Online, permitting commercial use.

Stable Diffusion features:

  • No registration or login required
  • Completely free
  • Images offer considerable adjustability

Stable Diffusion drawbacks:

  • Lower precision
  • The textual intricacies appear somewhat rudimentary
Stable Diffusion AI Drawing Website
Stable Diffusion AI Drawing Website


Fotor, originally an online design software, introduced various AI-powered image generation features in 2023. These include AI image generation, AI avatar creation, AI filters, AI upscaling, AI local redraw, and restoration of old photos. Additionally, it offers other AI editing functionalities such as background replacement and text removal, making it a versatile AI image generation platform.

We shall exemplify the image generation capability of AI. Here, upon inputting the command, one can select from 5 sizes and multiple styles. However, one cannot choose the number of generated images. After inputting the command, selecting the photography style, the resulting images still exhibit some disparity from reality.

Free AI drawing site Fotor
Free AI drawing site Fotor

However, the advantage of the AI image generation website Fotor lies in its ability to make detailed adjustments to the generated images, ensuring that the automatically generated images better meet the requirements. However, this feature is only available to paying members.

Fotor AI-generated artworks
Fotor AI-generated artworks

Fotor Features:

  • Offering Chinese interface usability.
  • The website is operable directly without the need to switch to an app.
  • After the image generation, further editing can be conducted.

Drawbacks of Fotor:

  • Slow output of AI drawings
  • Unable to select the number of images.
  • Only two images are provided for free generation, with most features restricted and unavailable.
  • There are multiple workspaces, and usage can be quite intricate.

Leonardo AI

Leonardo Ai is a free AI-generated image website offering three main features. Firstly, it allows users to input commands to automatically generate images. Secondly, it provides an AI drawing board, which extends from drawn images. Thirdly, users can upload images to train their own drawing models. Furthermore, after generating images with Leonardo AI, users have the option to adjust details, lighting, composition, and other elements of the image to their liking.

Using AI Sketchpad as an example, one can sketch by hand or add photos. Additionally, one can input commands below to assist and adjust the intensity of creativity. The higher the value, the greater the creativity; the lower the value, the more the drawing matches the image. Furthermore, there are other functions available for further adjustment. Leonardo Ai stands out as a formidable tool in the realm of AI-generated images.

Additionally, on Leonardo AI’s homepage, users can view other users’ images along with the commands and styles they have used. By following their instructions, one can generate similar AI-generated images. As depicted in the image below, the images are remarkably realistic and diverse in style. Currently, Leonardo AI provides 150 tokens daily for use.

Homepage of
Homepage of

Distinctive Features of Leonardo Ai:

  • Various AI drawing tools are available for editing and offer extensive adjustment capabilities.
  • Free daily quota for image generation
  • Other creators continually update their drawing models, which can be utilized.
  • One can train their own AI image generation model and also integrate APIs.

Drawbacks of Leonardo Ai:

  • AI drawings cannot be individually edited
  • 僅英文介面,若用內建翻譯會有些問題

AI Drawing Site Extended Reading::Using Leonardo AI: Features, Differences, and Tutorial


MyEdit AI drawing generator originates from PhotoMaster, primarily focusing on image and audio AI tools. In addition to AI-generated images, MyEdit offers AI product backgrounds, AI scene generators, AI hand-drawing, AI outfit swapping, and AI portrait creation. Registration is not required to explore its features and usage cases.

Try using the MyEdit AI image generator, where you simply input the image you envision, followed by a description of your desired image. Lastly, choose the artistic style and quantity, with options of 1 or 4 images. Below is the command I entered along with selecting a realistic style.

Results of MyEdit AI drawing generator
Results of MyEdit AI drawing generator

MyEdit AI drawing generator offers 3 points upon daily login, with each image generation costing 1 point and 2 points for 4 images. After exhausting these points, purchasing additional points is necessary to continue generating. Additionally, certain features of the free AI image generation are locked and require upgrading for access.

MyEdit Features:

  • With Chinese interface, MyEdit can be used directly without login.\\
  • Provide a variety of AI drawing related tools for editing use
  • Daily login allows you to claim a quota of 3 points for image generation.
  • Continuously updating the repository of visual assets, with innovative imagery.

Drawbacks of MyEdit:

  • AI drawings cannot be individually edited

Official website of MyEdit:

Comparison of AI Image Generators

After perusing them, still undecided on which one to choose? I’ve compiled details on 7 AI image generators, including their free versions, supported languages, pricing standards, and advantages, to provide you with greater clarity.

AI Drawing GeneratorFree Version ContentSupported LanguagesPricingAdvantages
Midjourney20 to 25 imagesSupports both Chinese and English inputBasic: $10/month Standard: $30/month Professional: $60/monthHigh image quality and resolution
DALL·E 250 points per monthSupports English input only115 points/$15Free monthly quota included
Stable DiffusionFreeSupports English input onlyFreeNo registration or login required
GenApe14-day complimentary trialChinese, EnglishTeam plan: Approximately $17 per month. Creator plan: Approximately $23 per month.Simultaneously integrating an article generator with over 50 templates, the free version can produce up to 40 images.
FotorFree 5 picturesChinese, English3.3 USD/month to get 100 points and PRO version 2.99 USD/month for 200 bonus pointsChinese interface, can use the original graphic design together
Leonardo Ai150 pointsEnglishAnnual subscription for Apprentice: $10 per month Annual subscription for Artisan Unlimited: $24 per month Annual subscription for Maestro Unlimited: $48 per monthThere are numerous trained drawing models, captivating images, and API integration services.
MyEditThere is a daily quota of 5 groups, which can produce 20 sheetsChinese, EnglishAnnual Subscription: $120/month Monthly subscription: $300/monthProduces realistic, lifelike images at a reasonable price
AI Drawing Generator

AI Drawing Keyword Tips for Accurately Generating Favorite Styles

If one wishes to enable an AI graphic generator to autonomously produce an image in a matching style, it is imperative to provide the AI graphic generator with precise AI drawing keywords. Here, we compile a set of techniques for crafting AI drawing keywords:

  • Keywords for AI illustration should offer a lucid and precise description, enabling AI graphic generators and AI illustration websites to accurately analyze semantics and produce the desired imagery.
  • Employing specific objects, settings, and desired intricacies or elements to include within the image, such as desiring the presence of a person petting a puppy, for instance.
  • Next, you will be required to delineate the artistic style of the image, such as a preference for realism, fauvism, ink wash painting, or Gothic aesthetics, thus governing the generated image’s stylistic attributes.
  • Fine-tune the parameters for generating images, such as color saturation, brightness, or line thickness, to achieve the desired visual effects.

How should I discern a suitable AI art generation tool?

Choosing a suitable AI drawing generator entails considerations spanning functionality, interface, parameter adjustment, and pricing. Firstly, one must contemplate whether the features align with their specific needs. Secondly, evaluate the ease of use regarding the interface—whether it facilitates seamless operation or demands considerable time for learning. For professional users, opting for an AI drawing generator with more adjustable parameters may better suit work demands, offering greater flexibility in usage. Lastly, affordability and the perceived value of these features are pivotal. Additionally, it’s advisable to gather feedback and reviews to select the AI drawing generator that best meets one’s requirements.

Recommendations for AI drawing generators

The use of GenApe for AI drawing generation extends beyond merely crafting images; it also facilitates the utilization of an AI text generator for crafting compelling copy. Click here to unleash your creativity!

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