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In this era, the development of AI has brought about many astonishing innovations, one of which is AI poetry writing. With the use of AI technology, it is possible to generate remarkable poetry works. In this article, we will delve into the working principles, impact, and challenges of AI poetry writing, and recommend some excellent AI poetry writing tools.

Can AI replace human writers in the field of poetry writing?

In the wave of AI advancements, many people have started pondering whether AI can replace the unique value of human literary creativity, including the field of poetry. However, the same discussion arose years ago with the introduction of Microsoft’s AI chatbot Xiaoice. Over the years, I have believed that AI and humans are not in a competitive relationship when it comes to writing poetry.

Indeed, AI has achieved impressive results in generating poetry. It can quickly learn from a vast amount of poetic works, leveraging its powerful computational and data processing capabilities to generate a large number of poems. However, this doesn’t mean that AI can completely replace human creativity.

Poetry creation is an art that blends emotions and thoughts. The value of poetic works lies in their reflection of human culture, values, and contemporary characteristics. Although AI-generated poems may possess certain poetic elements and rhythm, they lack genuine emotions and depth. Therefore, the poetry-writing abilities of AI and humans should be seen as complementary. If there comes a day when AI possesses emotions similar to humans, then concerns about whether AI surpasses humans in poetry writing would become irrelevant.

How do AI Poetry Generator make an AI generated poem?

The working principle of AI poetry writing is a specific application based on deep learning and natural language processing techniques, which can be roughly divided into two main steps: training and generation.

During the training phase, the AI model needs a large amount of poetry as training data, including ancient poetry, modern poetry, and collections of works by poets. Through this process, the AI model can learn the structure, rhythm, word choices, and other features of poetic works.

In the generation phase, the trained AI model can generate poetry based on the given input. During the generation process, the AI model selects words based on probability distributions and adjusts the generated results through different selection mechanisms to make them more diverse and surprising.

It is important to note that the process of AI poetry writing is not merely imitation but rather the creation of new works by learning the patterns and features of existing poetry. This is why AI models can generate poems in different styles, themes, or emotions. This application not only enriches the ways of literary creation but also provides poets with a new creative tool and appreciation method. However, this technology is not without its issues.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Art of Poetry

AI in poetry writing not only provides new ways of creation and appreciation but also brings significant impact and challenges. On one hand, AI poetry writing promotes diversity and innovation in poetic creations, injecting new elements into the art of poetry.

  • Diversity: In traditional creation, poetic styles and themes are primarily influenced by personal experiences and cultural backgrounds. However, AI can rapidly learn from different eras, expanding the range of poetic styles and subjects, and allowing people to experience more diversified poetic expressions.
  • Innovation: AI models can break free from the traditional frameworks of poetry during the training process, experimenting with new word combinations, thus liberating poetic creation from conventional forms and structures.

On the other hand, while AI poetry writing brings diversity and innovation, it also challenges the connection with the contemporary era and the standards of poetic creation. This is a double-edged issue.

  • Lack of contemporary connection: Poetry works often serve as important carriers reflecting the background and trends of the era. However, AI models learn from a wide range of poetry works from different periods, which results in the generated works lacking a connection to contemporary society and the current era.
  • Disruption of creative standards: The process of AI writing poetry is not constrained by the traditional standards and norms of poetry creation, which may provoke controversy among poetry enthusiasts and the literary community, who believe that AI poetry disrupts the standards and traditions of poetry creation.

However, we should recognize that these challenges and controversies are only part of the development process of AI in poetry writing. With continuous technological advancements and deeper applications, we can expect AI poetry writing to establish better connections with the contemporary era. Moreover, I believe the standards of poetic works will incorporate outputs from AI, providing answers for this era.

Best AI Powered Poem Generator

I believe that many people would like to experience the magic of AI-generated poetry. Here, I recommend two well-established modern poetry generators:


Xiaoice is an AI poetry tool developed by Microsoft. It gained widespread attention a few years ago. It offers a wide range of themes and creative styles, allowing users to experience innovative and unique poetic works.



Jiuge is a renowned poetry generator that combines AI technology and algorithms. It provides a rich database of poems and diverse creative styles. Users can generate poems that align with their preferences by selecting themes, emotions, or styles.


Tips of making poetry and other literature

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