10 Best AI Article Generator and AI Writing Generator for 2024


With the explosion of generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs), AI writing can now produce content comparable to human creativity. AI article generators can quickly generate articles, essays, short stories, and novels. In this article, we will explain the applications of AI writing, introduce the top 10 AI article generators of 2024—ChatGPT, GenApe, Copy.ai, Anyword, HyperWrite, Rytr, Notion AI, Jasper, Writesonic, and Friday AI—discussing their advantages, disadvantages, and how to choose the right AI article generator.

What is an AI article generator?

An AI article generator uses artificial intelligence technologies such as smart algorithms and machine learning to automatically generate text. AI article generators have been applied in advertising, journalism, long-form content creation, such as novel storytelling and blog articles. They assist creators in saving time and energy while ensuring the quality of the output content.

The use of AI article generators can enhance writing efficiency and provide creators with inspiration from another perspective. However, to fully utilize the ability of AI to write automatically, we still need to continually improve our skills in using AI and explore the possibilities of AI writing.

Advantages and limitations of AI article generators

Since AI article generators are so versatile, can we replace all content creation work with AI automatic writing? While AI article generators have the advantage of efficiency and time-saving, they also have limitations such as lack of creativity, unique insights, and susceptibility to errors. When using AI article generators for creation, caution should be exercised, and content should be reviewed carefully.

Advantages of AI article generators

  • Rapid and efficient: Generates a large amount of content in a short time, surpassing human writing speed.
  • Cost-effective: Assists in reducing workload and consequently lowering the expenses of hiring creators.
  • Customizable: Can apply different writing templates according to the context, creating content tailored to specific audiences.

Limitations of AI article generators:

  • Lack of creativity: Current AI writing can only achieve data analysis and synthesis, unable to provide unique insights.
  • Lack of strategy: AI article generators only produce text based on instructions, without offering a comprehensive content strategy (such as SEO optimization).
  • Prone to errors: AI writing may produce inaccurate or incomplete content.
  • Absence of personal style: Lacks the creative style and writing warmth of human writers.

Recommended AI writing tools

List the top 10 currently most popular AI writing tools and introduce their features, supported languages, specialties, and descriptions of upgrade plans. Explain the differences between free and paid AI article generators. The free AI article generators include ChatGPT, GenApe, Copy.ai, Anyword, and HyperWrite. “Free” means they can be used continuously without payment. Paid AI article generators include Rytr, Notion AI, Jasper, Writesonic, and Friday AI. The table below compares article generators, allowing you to quickly understand the differences between AI writing tools.

BrandSupported LanguagesFree Version ContentSubscription Fees
ChatGPTEnglish, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc., supporting almost all common languages.Unlimited output, permanently free.$20 per month.
GenapeEnglish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional ChineseFree trial with 10,000 tokens.$17 per month.
Notion AISupports all common languagesLimited to 20 uses$10 per month
JasperAll common languages, Chinese only Simplified ChineseFree trial with 10,000 words$49 per month.
Copy.aiAll common languages, Chinese only Simplified ChineseProvides 2,000 words free per month$36 per month
WritesonicAll common languagesFree trial with 10,000 wordsCharges vary based on output words, $12.67 per month for up to 60,000 words
RytrAll common languagesProvides 10,000 words free per month$9 per month
Friday AIEnglish, Chinese (Simplified)Limited to 20 uses$189 per year
AnywordAll common languagesProvides 1,000 words free per month, no Chinese support in the free version$24 per month
HyperWriteEnglishProvides 15 uses free per month$19.99 per month
AI Article Generator

AI Article Generator Free: ChatGPT

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is an open-ended chatbot powered by large language models like GPT-3.5/GPT-4. ChatGPT has a wide range of applications, including writing articles, coding, translation, and resume writing. It generates fluent and logical sentences.

Advantages of ChatGPT

  • Multilingual support: ChatGPT supports over 40 languages, such as English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, catering to users globally. Users can write various types of articles using different prompts and interact in multiple languages.
  • Unlimited free version: Users of the free version can generate an unlimited amount of articles and content without any quantity restrictions.

Disadvantages of ChatGPT

  • Skill requirement: Users need to learn how to set prompts and configure ChatGPT roles accurately to generate more precise content.
  • Issues during high usage: Due to widespread usage, especially during peak hours, longer response times or interruptions in responses may occur, leading to a less ideal user experience.

Pricing Plans

ChatGPT Plus, the paid version, is available for only $20 per month, offering the following advantages:

  • Faster response times.
  • Normal usage even during peak hours.
  • Opportunity to try out new features first and experience the latest performance enhancements.
AI Article Generator: ChatGPT

Free Article Generator Chinese 2: GenApe

GenApe is an article generator with excellent quality in producing Chinese content, offering a variety of AI writing tools. It automatically generates SEO-friendly meta descriptions, blog outlines, and introductions. It also serves as an AI essay generator, capable of directly generating well-structured and theme-relevant articles, news, and theses. Moreover, without the need for prompts, it can rewrite, lengthen, or shorten content with just one click. The GenApe article generator assists marketers and writers in quickly generating content that aligns with brand image and marketing needs.

Advantages of GenApe

  • High-quality content generation: GenApe’s article generator produces high-quality content that adheres to commercial writing and SEO principles, enhancing a website’s exposure in search engines.
  • Variety of professional templates: GenApe provides over 60 professional templates for AI-generated articles, product descriptions, audiovisual content, social media posts, and various marketing copies, suitable for various occasions.
  • Advantages in Chinese content generation: Due to investment in Chinese training data, GenApe excels in generating Chinese content compared to other article generators.
  • Collaboration feature: It has a team collaboration function, allowing up to 16 people to use it simultaneously, thereby enhancing team collaboration and productivity.
  • AI Document Editor: All AI writing tools can be used without switching pages, and AI-generated graphics can be inserted to make the generated articles more vivid.

Disadvantages of GenApe

  • Free limitations: GenApe’s premium plans require payment, and the free version has word limits.

Subscription Plans

GenApe’s PRO plan is priced based on monthly word count, with a minimum price of 499 TWD (approximately $17) per month, offering up to 1,600,000 tokens per month to meet the needs of different users. The PRO plan also supports multi-user collaboration and custom writing styles, improving team cooperation efficiency.

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AI Article Generator Free 3: Copy.ai

Copy.ai is also a popular AI article generator that can generate content in seconds with just a few inputs. It can be applied to various functions such as articles, ad copies, and product descriptions.

Advantages of Copy.ai

  • Free trial every month: The free version offers a monthly content generation limit of 2,000 words and a 7-day trial of the Pro version, allowing users to experience more features.
  • Multilingual support: Supports almost all common languages, including English, Chinese, French, German, and Spanish, but only provides simplified Chinese for Chinese.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to use interface, simply provide a title, keywords, and select a tone to quickly generate articles.
  • Expandable with plugins: Can be operated using Chrome extensions or Slack.

Disadvantages of Copy.ai

  • Limitations in Chinese content generation: Content generated in Chinese may require significant modifications as the tool is primarily optimized for English content.

Subscription Plans

Copy.ai’s Professional plan is priced at $49 per month. Opting for an annual subscription offers a discounted price of $36 per month. The Professional plan provides the following advantages:

  • Multi-user collaboration feature.
  • Priority customer support.
  • Support for 29 languages.
  • Priority access to latest features
Copy.ai Article Generator

Copy.ai Article Generator

Anyword is an AI article generator developed in New York, providing high-quality natural language processing content for templates such as web content, social media posts, emails, and blogs.

Advantages of Anyword

  • Multilingual support: Supports almost all common languages, so users need not worry about usability issues.
  • Intelligent recommendations: When using templates, Anyword intelligently recommends target audiences and keyword suggestions, helping users generate content that better meets their needs.
  • Adoption by well-known brands: Many renowned brands, such as Red Bull and NBC, have chosen to use Anyword to generate high-quality content.

Disadvantages of Anyword

  • Higher price: For some users, the price of the Anyword article generator may be higher, especially for individuals or small teams, who may need to consider budget constraints.
  • Chinese support limitation: Although Anyword supports multiple languages, the free version does not support Chinese. Purchasing the paid version may be necessary for generating Chinese content.

Pricing Plans

Anyword offers various pricing plans, including:

  • Free version: Allows up to 1,000 words per month for free but does not support Chinese.
  • Starter plan: Priced at $29 per month, provides 20,000 word generation points per month, suitable for individuals and small teams.
  • Data-Driven plan: Priced at $99 per month, provides 30,000 word generation points per month, and features real-time content score evaluation, suitable for larger teams and user needs.

AI Article Generator Free 5: HyperWrite

HyperWrite AI article generator, developed in 2022 with GPT-3 technology integration, helps improve your article writing skills by automatically correcting grammar errors and providing inspirational suggestions, resulting in higher-quality writing.

Advantages of HyperWrite

  • Personalized writing: HyperWrite can adapt to each user’s writing style and preferences, making the generated content more tailored to the user’s needs.
  • Automatic booking service: HyperWrite can assist with researching and booking flights, meals, writing emails, etc.

Disadvantages of HyperWrite

  • Language limitation: Currently, HyperWrite mainly supports English. Users with non-English writing needs may need to wait for expanded language support.

Pricing Plans

Users can choose different pricing plans according to their needs. The Premium plan, priced at $19.99 per month, offers 800 credits per month, unlimited writing suggestions and article rewrites. The Ultra plan includes longer AI memory, longer input content and generated content, and priority customer support.

HyperWrite Article Generator

Paid AI Article Generator 6: Rytr

Rytr is an excellent AI article generator that helps users create high-quality articles at a lower cost. While it offers fewer templates compared to other article generators, it covers basic blog posts, product copies, and emails. Users can choose the article type, theme, and set keywords as needed. It also has a built-in plagiarism checker and recently added features for text generation graphics and chat.

  • Supported languages: Almost all common languages
  • Free version: 10,000 words per month
  • Paid version: The Saver plan can generate up to 100,000 words per month, while the Unlimited plan has no limit on the number of words generated and includes a dedicated customer manager and priority customer support.
  • Price: The Saver plan costs $9 per month, while the Unlimited plan costs $29 per month.
AI Article Generator Rytr

AI Article Generator 7: Notion AI

Notion AI, launched by the renowned productivity tool Notion, allows users to write articles with AI directly within the note-taking software. Notion AI article generator can produce different types of articles and adjust paragraph lengths, shorten, or rewrite them. It can also generate outlines or write business documents. Its notable feature is the ability to insert images, edit, and beautify content directly within Notion.

  • Supported languages: Almost all common languages
  • Free version: 20 uses limit
  • Paid version: Unlimited generation and can be shared with others
  • Pricing: $10/month

AI Article Generator 8: Jasper

Jasper is primarily used for generating commercial copy and content, helping businesses produce tailored content for their brands at the fastest speed possible, including product descriptions, ad copies, and various types of marketing articles, all of high quality tailored to the product and audience type.

  • Supported languages: Supports almost all common languages, but only simplified Chinese is provided.
  • Free version content: 5-day free trial with a word limit of 10,000.
  • Paid version content: The Starter plan offers up to 50 AI writing templates for unrestricted use and priority customer support, while the Boss Mode plan can be used by up to 5 people and offers automated workflows and real-time customer support.
  • Pricing: Based on monthly word count, the Starter plan costs $24 per month for up to 20,000 words, while the Boss Mode plan costs $49 per month for up to 50,000 words.

AI Article Generator 9: Writesonic

Writesonic offers AI article generation and image generation. Users can easily write, edit, and publish SEO-friendly blog articles. Recently, the AI Article Writer 5.0 was launched, which combines search engine content to generate more tailored articles. It also generates images relevant to the article content. Besides article writing templates, Writesonic AI writing tools also provide templates for e-commerce, social media, or website content creation.

  • Supported languages: Almost all common languages
  • Free version content: Word limit of 10,000.
  • Paid version content: Unlocks GPT-4 level copywriting, article rewriting, priority access to new features, and priority customer support.
  • Pricing: Based on monthly word count, the service charges $12.67 per month for up to 15,000 words.

AI Article Generator 10: Friday AI

Friday AI Article Generator can write both short and long articles. While its AI writing functionality is similar to other article generators, Friday AI offers a good user experience in the output editing area. Using the Blog Section Writing feature, users can sequentially input each paragraph generated into the editor with a single click. They can also input their own titles and share the edited content with others after completion.

  • Supported languages: English, Simplified Chinese
  • Free version: 20 uses limit
  • Paid version: The PRO plan provides up to 200,000 words per month with full rewrites, while the POWER plan allows up to 5 users, bulk content generation, and custom input.
  • Price: PRO plan for $189/year, POWER plan for $399/year.
Friday AI Article Generator

How to Choose the Right AI Article Generator?

Using AI to automatically write articles can boost writing productivity. However, with so many AI writing tools on the market, choosing the right article generator is crucial. When selecting an AI article generator, you can evaluate based on content quality, language support, available templates, and pricing plans. A good tool can significantly increase your productivity and output.

Content Quality

Content quality is the most important factor when choosing an AI writing generator. You can evaluate it through free trials and other users’ reviews, checking if the AI-generated articles are coherent and logical.

Supported Languages

If you need to generate content in multiple languages, or if you use a language that is very linguistically specific, then an AI tool that supports more languages is more suitable for you.

Providing templates

Check the templates provided by different article generators according to your personal needs. Some AI generators specialize in training writing templates for specific fields, such as AIDA marketing copies, SEO articles, etc., which can generate more accurate content.


Pricing of different AI article generators vary very much, choose the best quality tool according to your budget.

Will AI Writing Replace Human Creators?

Currently, AI writing is unlikely to replace human creators. Writing is not just about producing textual content; it involves the experience, perspectives, and critical thinking of human writers, which current AI tools cannot replicate.

As creators, we should view AI writing tools and article generators as auxiliary tools. Let AI handle tasks like data collection, analysis, and outline generation, while we focus on reviewing, refining, and enhancing the professionalism and depth of the articles. AI writing assistants can accelerate the writing process, saving time for creators to explore more creative content.

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