The Guide of Making EDM For Beginner

EDM 設計

Do you want to make an EDM but don’t know how to start? EDM newsletters are a highly practical tool for brand remarketing and cultivating customer relationships. This article will introduce the essential elements and considerations for EDM design, showcase some excellent examples, and recommend EDM production tools. Whether you’re a beginner or someone looking to learn how to create newsletters, it will help you build attractive EDMs from scratch.

What is EDM Marketing?

According to the KIBO e-commerce Quarterly survey report, EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) has a conversion rate of 4.29%, while social media has a conversion rate of only 1.81%. Compared to social media, email newsletters offer a higher return on investment, and the recipients of email newsletters are typically potential customers who have shown interest in your business. You can also send exclusive newsletters to existing customers, making it an excellent tool for precision marketing and customer relationship management.

The basic structure of EDM

There are countless of EDM formats and variety of templates are available online. But if you’re a beginner for EDM designing, you can start by referring to the basic structure of a complete newsletter below:


The letterhead of an email newsletter should include your brand logo and tagline. It’s important to let recipients instantly know who is the sender at a glance. The header design should be clean, appealing, and capable of capturing attention, ensuring immediate brand recognition.

Title & Subtitle

The title is the key to make readers continue reading your email. It has to immediately convey the purpose of the email, such as the theme of a promotion event, a membership welcome, brand news for the month, and more. Subtitle can supplement the main content of the email, helping readers into the body of the letter.

The Body and link button

The body comprises images and text, with text divided into paragraphs and supplemented with images. The key is to convey information succinctly, and avoid excessive text or images that might distract from the main points. Additionally, adding some link buttons strategically within paragraphs can increase interactions with the readers.

Call To Actions

At the bottom of an EDM (Email Direct Marketing), there will always be a CTA (Call to Action) button that directly guides readers to take the action you want them to. Therefore, the button should have a clear design, and the text on the button should evoke a sense of urgency, such as ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Click to Learn More,’ encouraging people to take action.

Email Footer

The email footer should include your contact information, social information, and an unsubscribe option. This part as a means for maintaining contact with your readers and showcases your professionalism. The footer design should not take up to much space, but essential information should be clearly visible.

Generate EDM copy immediately:

Matters needing attention in making EDM

After making an EDM finally, the worst thing is that there are broken images or formatting issues in the EDM after sending it out. If you don’t want all your hard work to be wasted, take a look at the details you need to be mindful of in EDM design:

Sizes of EDM in Each Device

Your customers may read EDM on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, so it’s essential to ensure that your EDM design displays correctly on each device. Typically, the standard design width for computers and tablets should not exceed 600 pixels, while mobile screens are smaller, and it’s recommended to set the width to around 370-480px to ensure clear content display.

Color and Layout

Choose a color that represent your brand’s style and keep color consistency throughout the entire email. This can let readers leave a strong impression on your brand. For layout, due to the different sizes of smartphones and computers, you might need to use different designs. Don’t forget to make sure that text or buttons displayed on phones aren’t too small.

The Proportion of Words and Images

While images are more eye-catching, it’s advisable to use text as much as possible when creating an EDM. This is because images in email often don’t display correctly or get blocked. Using text can mitigate the risk of content disappearing. Additionally, avoid cramming too much text into images to prevent the text from becoming too small when reading on a mobile device or slowing down the loading time due to numerous images. As a general rule, it’s recommended to keep text within an image to be no more than 20% of the total content.

Good EDM design examples

Here, we’re sharing a few nice EDM design examples for your reference:

1.Uber Eats: Clearly highlight the key points of the promotions in the title, and put a conspicuous CTA button to attract readers to click.

Dyson EDM

2.Dyson: Convey product features with concise layout and brief text. Also use CTA buttons strategically between paragraphs to enhance interaction.

Tools of EDM making

Seeing this, you might be concerned that learning EDM design seems to require a lot of time. However, nowadays, there are many tools available to assist in EDM design, helping you easily create appealing newsletters. Below are several tools suitable for EDM design:


Canva is a beginner-friendly graphic design tool with a vast library of newsletter templates and design assets. It allows you to create stunning EDM images in just a few minutes.


Genape is a text AI generator with various templates, including the ‘Subject and Content for Promotional Emails’ template. It helps you craft newsletter content by generating multiple versions of the copy with just the input of product names and descriptions, saving you a significant amount of time.

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