4 tips for writing IG copywriting! Easily handle IG post copywriting


Don’t know how to write IG copy to be attractive? This article will teach you the 4 steps to write high-quality IG copywriting, provide you with IG copywriting examples and quotation references suitable for various styles, from cute style IG copywriting to green style IG copywriting, and recommend you practical copywriting AI Tools help you improve the quality and efficiency of IG post copywriting!

4 simple steps to write IG textured copywriting

Social media has become a platform for many people to express themselves, and Instagram has become an important medium for the general public’s daily life and sales of goods. If you want to attract more fans and increase interaction with fans, then an IG copywriting that can quickly impress people’s hearts is indispensable. Here are 4 simple steps to help you easily write high-quality IG copy:

Step 1: Know who your audience is

Before starting to write IG copy, the first task is to have a deep understanding of who our audience is? What is the age, gender, and interests of our fan base?

Although we all know that the main users of IG are generally between 18 and 30 years old, even among the younger generations, the personalities and needs of each group are completely different. Not everyone likes young, energetic or humorous people. Posts, so before we start operating IG and planning copywriting content, we must first study the current IG fans and clearly understand their expectations and needs, so as to formulate more attractive copywriting.

Step 2: Confirm the purpose and purpose of this publication

Each IG post should have a clear goal and purpose. Make sure that this IG post is to increase fan interaction, website traffic, product exposure, or increase product conversion rate, etc., and then decide to provide information based on the above general direction. , entertainment, promoting products or increasing brand awareness. After determining the main goal of posting, you can write the corresponding copy more easily!

Each IG post should have a clear goal and purpose. Make sure that this IG post is to increase fan interaction, website traffic, product exposure, or increase product conversion rate, etc., and then decide to provide information based on the above general direction. , entertainment, promoting products or increasing brand awareness. After determining the main goal of posting, you can write the corresponding copy more easily!

Step 3: Decide on content structure and style

Choosing the appropriate content structure and style is the most critical to a successful IG copy. You can choose story copy, question guidance copy, or adjust the descriptive tone and style of the post, but no matter the content structure The style must depend on our goals and audience characteristics. Also remember to ensure that the copywriting style is consistent with your brand.

Step 4: Writing content

The last step is of course to start writing the copy! When writing IG copy, you mainly need to ensure that the copy is concise and comprehensive, avoid too many redundant words or typos, use an engaging title at the beginning to attract the reader’s attention, then provide clear information or stories to make the reader resonate with the content, and finally call the reader to take action. , such as liking, leaving a message, sharing or visiting your website. In addition, when writing IG copy, you can also use tools such as AI copy generators on the Internet to help speed up the creation of copy!

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Copywriting skills for mourning
Copywriting skills for mourning

How to write IG texture copy? 4 IG copywriting skills integrated!

Next, we will explain in detail to you some small steps to create high-traffic IG quality copywriting:

IG copy title: The key to catching the audience’s attention

The copy title is the first step to attract the audience’s attention. An eye-catching IG copy title can arouse readers’ curiosity and further read your content.

Normally, fans will only see the first 1-2 lines of text before they click “View More”, so we can use the first line of the copy as the main title and the second line as the subtitle. Subscript, if you want to write an attractive title, we can refer to the following points when creating the title:

short and powerful

Try to keep your title short while conveying the topic or emotion of your post, for example:

  • “Refreshing for summer!”
  • “Surprise appearance!”

problem or challenge

Ask a question or challenge to pique the reader’s curiosity, for example:

  • “Is it really possible to upgrade the latest equipment painlessly?”
  • “Do you want to have flawless and supple skin?”

emotional connection

Use emotional words that readers can relate to in a moment, such as:

  • “Feel the embrace of nature.”
  • “Share warm moments together.”


To encourage reader interaction, many people will use question-style titles to guide readers to leave messages, such as:

  • “What’s your favorite summer activity? Tell us!”
  • “How difficult is this challenge? You must try it!”
Teach you how to write copy suitable for posting on ig
Teach you how to write copy suitable for posting on ig

Content value: provide valuable information based on audience classification

In IG copywriting content, providing valuable information is the key to keeping your audience engaged! Whether it is absorbing professional knowledge from posts, learning about the latest trends from articles, or learning about the brand’s latest promotions, these are valuable information. We can also refer to the following points when writing the content of IG posts:

  • Storytelling content: Using a short story or plot as an introduction usually makes it easier for readers to resonate. However, we recommend that you try to write copy from the perspective of “sharing” rather than “promotion” because a too commercial tone can easily distract readers. Create a rejection mentality.

  • Be clear and concise: Keep the content clear, avoid long or vague sentences, and use regular formulas or branched lines to explain.

  • Picture assistance: When we want to share a large amount of information or extensive knowledge, we can use pictures or videos to supplement the explanation, which can provide readers with a more comfortable and complete reading experience.

Call to Action (CTA): Increase conversion rates and call readers to action!

CTA is an important promoter of encouraging readers to take specific actions. Whether you want readers to like, comment, share or click on a link, you need to clearly express your expectations. Here are some effective IG CTA examples:

“Increase brand awareness”

The IG copy’s call to action can be: “Follow us for more exciting content and updates!” Encourage fans to click the follow button and let them continue to follow your account.

“Encourage registration to participate in activities”

The IG copywriting call to action is available: “Sign up for our online workshop now!” to guide fans to the registration page to participate in the event.

“Increase interaction”

You can use the call to action for IG post copy: “Tell me what your favorite summer activity is!” to encourage fans to share their interests and memories.

“Promotion Discount”

The call to action in Aiju copywriting can be: “Use the promo code now and save 50%!” to guide fans to the shopping website to enjoy discounts and increase the chance of fans spending.

instagram copywriting quotes call to action
How to write instagram copywriting quotes

Categories (#Hashtags): Make it easier for potential audiences to find you

Hashtags are the key to helping you increase your visibility in IG management! Using relevant Hashtags can help your posts appear in search results for your potential audience. Here are some suggestions for using Hashtags:

  • Specific and relevant: Choose hashtags that are relevant and specific to your content to attract people interested in the topic.

  • Popular and unpopular: You can use a combination of some popular and unpopular Hashtags to expand your exposure range, but remember not to be greedy and put too many at once, which will affect the reader’s experience. It is recommended to set a maximum of 10 to 13 Hashtags.

  • Brand Tag: If applicable, don’t forget to include your brand tag, which can help you build brand identity over time.

Recommended ig copywriting examples
Recommended ig copywriting examples

Examples of green and quality IG copywriting

IG copywriting in the literary youth style can attract many female fans. Quotes in this style, whether it is IG love quotes or IG positive energy quotes, usually use more delicate vocabulary to touch the readers’ emotions, allowing readers to bring their own experiences into Create imagination and empathy for specific situations.

Emotional quotes

  • “Have the courage to become others’ past”
  • “The bond between people is destined at the first sight.”
  • “The best form of love is healing each other.”

Encourage positivity

  • “Every effort is a step closer to a better you. Let’s build a stronger you together!”
  • “Behind success is countless persistence and hard work. Don’t stop and keep pursuing your dreams.”
  • “You don’t have to be happy all the time, it’s enough to have happy moments every day.”

Textured literary youth

  • “Travel is a journey to explore the world and yourself. Every trip is an emotional adventure.”

Examples of cute and playful IG copywriting

The lively and cute IG copywriting style can be said to be the most accepted and most commonly used type, because this tone is very similar to how we usually talk to friends, and can make the viewer feel relaxed. Usually this tone The type of copy will also add some corresponding cute emoticons:

  • “My love for ice cream is like a cat’s love for fur balls, unstoppable!”🍦😻
  • “Today’s outfit choice is: candy-colored jacket and happy smile!”🌈😄
  • “Always believe in magic, because every morning I turn on the magic of coffee. ☕✨”

IG funny and humorous copywriting examples

We are often attracted by funny quotes or memes on IG. Many times, poisonous chicken soup and world-weary quotes often resonate. These sudden humors always make people want to like and share them with their relatives and friends around them:

  • “I heard that exercise can help reduce stress, so I just ran from the sofa to the refrigerator, and it felt great!”
  • “If one day I disappear, please check my bed, I may be looking for answers there.”

IG knowledge dissemination sample case

Most industries such as marketing, doctors, stock market finance, news media, and learning sharing use knowledge sharing methods to operate IG accounts. Such posts are less likely to bring too much personal color, and are generally done in a calm and professional tone. illustrate:

  • Educational knowledge: “Today we are going to learn about the mysteries of the universe. Do you know how big the sun is?”
  • Medical Clinic: “Learn how to maintain a healthy heart, starting with eating less salt every day.”
ig copywriting quotation writing examples
ig copywriting quotation writing examples

Recommended IG textured copywriting automatic generator

Sometimes when we write IG copywriting, we still have no clue even though we have referred to many IG copywriting examples, or we have spent a lot of time writing it but the results are not good. Our suggestion is to use AI copywriting tools as an aid. We recommend it to creators. You can use this useful copywriting AI generation tool – “GenApe”.

This AI tool can help you quickly generate attractive copy within 30 seconds, and can also help you inspire you to create IG posts. Just enter the subject of the post and it will help you generate complete post content immediately. In addition to adjusting the intonation In addition, you can also directly edit the content. It is definitely a super powerful AI writing assistant that you will become addicted to during your creative process!

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