What is Gemini? Can Google’s latest artificial intelligence Gemini beat ChatGPT?

google gemini是什麼?

At present, the development and competition of AI artificial intelligence technology are in full swing. After OpenAI launched ChatGPT, which led to a wave of technology boom, Google, one of the technology giants, also announced an artificial intelligence language model called “Gemini” this year, and It is claimed that Gemini can occupy a global dominant position in the field of artificial intelligence in the future. Although it has been pointed out that the content of the promotional video is fake, it still does not reduce its popularity. Today we will introduce to you the advantages of Gemini over ChatGPT and test Google Gemini Is it really as easy to use as Google says?

What is Gemini?

Gemini is an advanced multi-modal artificial intelligence model launched by Google in 2023. This model integrates the collaborative results of Google’s DeepMind and Brain AI laboratories. It is a model that can process multiple data types such as text, images, audio and video. Large-scale language model, which is designed to provide a more connected and intelligent application suite, and is widely used in Google’s systems, including Bard, search engine, Google Map, advertising and Duet services.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini: Test website and official promotional website

What are the advantages of Gemini over ChatGPT?

Gemini and ChatGPT are both large-scale language models, but Google claims that Gemini is more powerful. The spokesperson summarized the following points: Google Gemini has more parameters, stronger multi-modal capabilities, and chip hardware can better support system operations. Therefore, Gemini It will be more powerful than ChatGPT, and Gemini’s official website also clearly lists the advantages and disadvantages of Gemini Ultra and GPT-4 (V). Interested netizens can also go to the official website to view the detailed comparison.

Parameter and data differences

Parameters are variables used to adjust or optimize the AI ​​system. The more parameters, the more complex the AI ​​will be, but it allows the AI ​​model to learn and process more information. ChatGPT 4.0 has 1.75 trillion parameters, while Gemini is reported to have 30 Trillion or even 65 trillion parameters, which means that Gemini can have richer data samples than ChatGPT and can generate more detailed and accurate information.

multimodal capabilities

ChatGPT currently can only handle language and code, while Gemini can handle language, code, and image videos. This makes Gemini more convenient to use and can be used for a wider and more diverse task types.

Chip capability

Google uses cutting-edge training chips called TPUv5 to train Gemini. These chips can synchronize and coordinate the interactive operation of 16,384 chips, allowing Google to train such a huge model.

Advantages of Gemini over ChatGPT

What are the differences between the three versions of Google Gemini?

Gemini provides three versions, each with different advantages and functions:


  • Advantages: Largest in size, most capable, suitable for highly complex tasks
  • Function: Has advanced reasoning and planning capabilities, suitable for environments such as large-scale data centers
  • Function: Has advanced reasoning and planning capabilities, suitable for environments such as large-scale data centers


  • Strengths: General model scalable for various tasks, moderate functionality
  • Function: It has good versatility and is suitable for a variety of tasks. It has been used in the English version of the chatbot Bard.
  • Usage: Suitable for various application scenarios and can be widely used in enterprises and developers.


  • Advantages: The most efficient device-side task model, suitable for consumer devices such as mobile phones
  • Function: Optimized for end-side equipment to maintain efficient operation, divided into two models: Nano-1 (1.8 billion parameters) and Nano-2 (3.25 billion parameters)
  • How to use: Suitable for mobile phones, home appliances and other consumer devices, can be used offline, and has been applied to Google Pixel 8 Pro mobile phones

In general, Gemini can meet the needs of different usage environments through the provision of these three versions. From highly complex tasks to preliminary applications, there are corresponding versions to choose from.

Gemini specifications

Google Gemini registration and use process

After entering the Google Gemini webpage, just click the login button in the upper right corner of your screen, enter with your own Google, and you can quickly complete the registration and login steps! Then click Get API Key in Google AI Studio on the left to enter the user interface. In the upper right column, we can choose which model we want to use.

How to use Google Gemini

Actual experience using Gemini

除了Google Gemini的介紹以外,大家最想知道的應該就是Gemini實際使用的感想了,我們也為大家提供Gemini目前最新的使用心得。

Google Gemini test 1: Image recognition ability

We chose Gemini pro vision to test his ability to understand images, because Gemini pro vision is a model that supports image and text recognition. Then click on image and choose to enter the image in Google Drive or Gemini’s own built-in image test. Take, for example, an illustration of a cartoon character.

Gemini pro vision

Since the current way of asking questions in English is still more accurate than asking questions in Chinese, we ask questions in English and ask which cartoon the character Gemini comes from. After entering the question, just press the Run button at the bottom.

Google Gemini usage experience

Google Gemini responded to me immediately after about 10 to 15 seconds. In addition to being able to clearly tell which cartoon this character came from, he could also help me add more background information about the character, which was really great.

Google Gemini test 2: Is it the latest information?

We have been using Gemini Pro for testing in Google bard to see if it can give us the latest and most professional answer. After simply asking whether Google bard is currently a program supported by Gemini, Google bard replied to us that it is not. However, since the answers to questions entered in English are currently more accurate, we asked again in English, and Google bard immediately corrected the answer just now and replied in detail that it is indeed powered by the Gemini system.

This also means that if you input in Chinese, you may not be able to obtain the most real-time information. It may be safer to input in English and then translate the information into Chinese.

Google Gemini data time

Does Gemini provide an API?

The answer is yes. Gemini currently has an open API interface, allowing developers and applications to connect and interact through code, and to extend the functions of the original application. In addition, Gemini also provides how to use the Gemini API. Related teachings so that more people can understand how to use this large language model (LLM).

Gemini API

2 options for Gemini API

When we click on the Pricing page, we can see that there are currently two Gemini API plans. One is free to use, and the other requires payment. The API of the free model is limited to a maximum of 60 calls per minute, and There is also a condition for the free plan that the conversations generated using the free model API will be used to improve Google’s products, but the paid version will not. If you are concerned about the copyright of the material, you can pay attention again.

Is Gemini API free?

Where did the name Google Gemini come from?

Finally, I would like to add an interesting tidbit about Gemini. It is currently rumored that the name Google Gemini may have two sources. The first source is NASA’s Gemini program, because the Gemini program is a stepping stone for the Apollo moon landing mission. Therefore, the name Google Gemini means that it is regarded as an important step in the field of artificial intelligence. The second source symbolizes that Gemini was produced by the collaboration and exchange of two important laboratories of Google, so it may be named after the Gemini constellation, but in summary , the name Google Gemini may also represent Google’s ambitions in the field of artificial intelligence.

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