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AI video restoration

Whether producing professional videos or recording daily moments, you always want to achieve clear and vibrant visuals. However, video footage quality can sometimes be compromised due to shooting conditions or equipment limitations. This article selects four AI video enhancer solutions to help you address this issue, explaining how video repair is accomplished and the methods for enhancing video quality using AI.

AI Video Enhancer Online

The AI video optimizer online does not require downloading additional software. Simply upload the video you want to repair, and you can enhance the video quality online. Here are two AI video restoration online tools:


VEED is an online video editing tool that allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and other settings directly in your browser. You can also apply filters, color grading, and effects. Additionally, you can resize, rotate, and crop videos. VEED also offers AI video enhancer functionality.


VEED Features

  • Complete video editing tools for rotating, cropping, adding images, text, etc
  • Enhancement of video quality
  • Noise reduction (available in the paid version)
  • Templates for quick video creation
  • Screen recording functionality


Remini is an online tool for enhancing the quality of photos and videos. It utilizes AI technology to improve the quality of images by automatically processing and eliminating blurriness and noise, enhancing sharpness and pixelation, and stabilizing video footage. After the restoration process, you can download the enhanced videos for easy sharing or storage.


Remini Features

  • Enhances the quality and size of videos by up to 2 times
  • Remini Features: Enhances the quality and size of videos by up to 2 times. Improves resolution and restores old or blurry footage.
  • Enhance low-quality videos by reducing noise, addressing issues such as blurriness, graininess, or pixelation

AI Video Enhancer Software

Although AI video enhancer software requires additional software downloads, it offers advanced restoration functionalities. It can simultaneously repair multiple videos, significantly enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of video enhance. Below are two recommended AI video restoration software options.


4DDiG is a AI video repair specifically designed to repair various types of video damage, blurriness, distortion, and other issues. It utilizes AI technology to enable users to easily and efficiently restore videos.


4DDiG Features

  • Multiple restoration modes, including repairing damaged, frozen, blurry, distorted, or noisy videos.
  • Enhances video quality with up to 8K resolution
  • AI technology restores black and white videos and adds color to increase vividness
  • Supports multiple formats
  • Efficiently performs multiple video restorations simultaneously.
  • Supports multiple formats.


HitPaw is a powerful video editing software with a rich set of AI video restoration features. It can not only repair portrait, animal, and landscape videos but also fix animated ones, helping users effortlessly enhance the quality of various types of videos. In addition to restoration functionalities, it can also create stunning visual effects through AI technology.


HitPaw Features:

  • AI video enhancer feature to address issues like distortion and ghosting
  • Upconverts low-resolution or compressed videos to 4K/8K
  • AI video background removal for changing video backgrounds freely
  • Noise reduction effect to repair blurry videos
  • Restoration of animated videos
  • Colorization of black and white films

How is video repair achieved?

The quality of a video affects the viewing experience. If you want to repair the video quality, consider the following five methods:

  1. Use high-resolution filming equipment to ensure high-quality footage from the source.
  2. Adjust camera settings, including exposure, focus, and white balance, to ensure image clarity and color accuracy.
  3. Use stabilizers to reduce shake and improve stability.
  4. Make adjustments and repairs in post-production, such as color correction, contrast adjustment, and noise reduction, to enhance the quality.
  5. Utilize professional editing software for precise post-processing.

Methods for AI Enhances Video Quality

AI video enhancer utilizes artificial intelligence technology to repair and enhance the quality, clarity, and stability of videos. It can be achieved through the following five methods:

Noise reduction

AI noise reduction identifies and removes noise and artifacts in videos using deep learning algorithms, including noise models based on convolutional neural networks (CNN) and methods using generative adversarial networks (GAN) to restore image quality.

Image enhancement

Analyzing video content and applying image processing techniques, AI adjusts local contrast, sharpness, color correction, etc., to enhance the visual effects of videos. Black and white photos can also be colorized through image enhancement.


AI detects and corrects shake and jitter in videos using motion detection techniques such as optical flow estimation, followed by stabilization processing.

Resolution enhancement

Through super-resolution imaging, AI upscales low-resolution videos to higher resolutions, generating more details from the original footage, such as using generative adversarial networks (GAN) to create more realistic high-resolution images.

Frame interpolation

When there are missing or damaged frames in a video, AI automatically generates missing frames using surrounding frames through motion estimation and interpolation techniques to restore video continuity

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