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AI Anime Generation

In the vast market of AI-generated images, AI Anime Image generation is undoubtedly a very popular and highly demanded AI drawing style. Nowadays, there are many websites and apps that allow you to easily create an AI AI anime avatar or AI anime character simply by entering commands or uploading images. This article will introduce you to 7 user-friendly AI anime image generation websites and apps, enabling you to start your first AI anime illustration.

What is AI Anime Image?

AI anime images refer to pictures created using AI drawing tools that possess a distinctive anime style. In this context, the term “anime style” broadly encompasses the 2D flat-plane drawing style associated with Japanese anime and ACG. The advantage of AI anime images is that even individuals who are not proficient in drawing can produce their own anime pictures. For manga artists, it can also serve as a source of inspiration and a tool for collecting ideas.

Top 7 AI anime generator

The following will introduce six online tools and apps for AI-generated anime images. Whether you are seeking tools to inspire your creativity or are interested in trying out AI drawing for anime images, these recommendations come highly recommended.



Nijijourney Discord:https://discord.gg/nijijourney

Niji・journey is the ultimate AI drawing tool, specifically designed for generating two-dimensional images within the Midjourney platform. Similar to Midjourney’s operation, users can draw images by directly entering commands on Discord. Additionally, you can input the names of well-known anime characters to generate anime characters with similar appearances and styles. Niji・journey also allows for further customization, such as changing clothes, altering hair color, or modifying eye color. To use Niji・journey, a paid subscription to Midjourney is required, and there is no free trial available.

  • Advantages: Allows direct input of anime character names for image generation; can also generate anime-styled backgrounds; offers the ability to fine-tune details using prompts.
  • Disadvantages: Requires a paid subscription to Midjourney for access.

GenApe – Text To Image


GenApe is a versatile AI assistant, with its text-to-image feature capable of generating corresponding images based on text descriptions. By simply inputting descriptions containing keywords like “anime” or “comic” into the input box, it can produce AI images with a anime style. It can generate up to 5 images at a time. If you’re lacking inspiration, just input a short sentence and press a button to enhance the description, automatically lengthening it and adding more details to make the AI-generated images better match your imagination.

  • Advantages: Accepts commands in Chinese and has a one-click enhancement feature.
  • Disadvantages: The generated character poses may exhibit strange distortions.

Use GenApe to create ai anime:https://app.genape.ai/

AI Mirror

AI Mirror download:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ai.polyverse.mirror&hl=zh_TW&gl=US

AI Mirror is an AI-generated anime app that allows users to upload their photos and transform them into AI anime avatars. The app offers a variety of artistic styles to choose from, such as Studio Ghibli animation style, Sailor Moon style, cyberpunk style, American comic style, and more. Additionally, it can transform pictures of food into animated movie-style depictions. During image generation, users can choose the ‘imagination’ ratio, with a higher ratio resulting in a less similar proportion to the original photo. AI Mirror currently offers a free trial for the first three days, after which it automatically charges for a subscription. If you decide not to continue using it, remember to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends.

  • Advantages: Offers a variety of anime art style filters, with weekly updates introducing new styles.
  • Disadvantages: In generated images, if hands are included, there may be abnormalities in the appearance of the fingers.

MyEdit AI


MyEdit AI:https://myedit.online/tw/photo-editor/ai-anime-generator

MyEdit is an online AI photo editing software with numerous features. One of its functionalities is ‘Photo Cartoonization,’ which allows users to upload a photo and transform it into various anime styles with just one click. This feature enables you to quickly obtain an attractive AI-generated character image. However, it’s worth noting that MyEdit’s AI cartoonization feature is relatively basic. Apart from selecting the art style for the image, there are no additional customization options. It is suitable for those who are looking to experiment with generating AI anime avatars without intricate adjustments.

  • Advantages: Easy to use, fully accessible online without the need for downloading.
  • Disadvantage: Unable to fine-tune image parameters or modify image details.

UniDream AI

UniDream AI download link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hugelettuce.unidream.ai.drawing&hl=zh_TW&gl=US

UniDream AI is an AI drawing app known for its expertise in generating images with a Japanese anime style. The app excels in producing high-quality images, with a low failure rate in executing commands. It supports Chinese commands, making it user-friendly for Chinese speakers. Additionally, it offers the functionality of uploading images and applying AI filters. Users can obtain free generation quotas daily through daily check-ins, and the premium version is reasonably priced, with an annual fee of only 990 New Taiwan Dollars.

  • Advantages: Offers a variety of artistic styles, with particularly outstanding results in generating AI anime portraits.
  • Disadvantages: Realistic-style AI-generated images may have lower quality, and there is a tendency for finger deformities in images containing hands.

Pica AI

Pica AI
Pica AI

Pica AI:https://www.pica-ai.com/tw/ai-image-generator-from-text/

Pica AI Drawing Generator allows users to generate desired AI anime images by inputting keywords and commands. The prompt supports Chinese input, and there is a feature for keyword-inspired recommendations. Advanced commands can be input to exclude unwanted elements from the generated images, and users can choose the size and quantity of the images they want to generate. Additionally, Pica AI enables users to upload their own photos for anime-style transformation, with the option to input commands for various styles. Pica AI offers free users 5 generation quotas per day, and the generated images can be freely downloaded and shared, with the claim that they can be used for commercial purposes.

  • Advantage: Users can either input commands directly or upload photos to generate anime-style images, with the ability to adjust image content through commands.
  • Disadvantage: The quality of generated images may vary based on the complexity of the input commands.


Pix AI.art:https://pixai.art/

Pix AI.art is an AI drawing website that specializes in creating images in a two-dimensional style. The operation is quite simple—users just need to input image descriptions into the provided box. The system initially generates some predicted images, allowing users to adjust the commands until satisfied before pressing the generate button. Users can also explore the image library below, containing images generated by others, and find styles they like. They can reference the prompts below each image for modifications. Additionally, Pix AI.art includes negative prompts to exclude elements from the generated images that users may not like.

  • Advantage: Generates images in a diverse range of styles without limitations.
  • Disadvantage: To produce exquisite images, users may need to invest more time in learning and becoming familiar with the command input process.

Another Good AI anime image generator

GenApe is a tool that supports both AI drawing and AI text generation. Simply inputting image descriptions allows the generation of images, with support for Chinese input. It also features an incremental description function to make the generated AI anime images closer to what you envision.

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