How to apply ChatGPT in copywriting, teach you to use chatgpt to write accurate copy


Many marketers and e-commerce professionals face the challenge of writing compelling copies every day. Whether it’s to attract readers, sell products, or increase brand awareness, crafting an engaging copy is of utmost importance. With the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence technology, ChatGPT can serve as an AI writing assistant for copywriters. This article explores the application of ChatGPT in copywriting and related knowledge.

How to apply chatgpt copywriting?

ChatGPT copywriting can be utilized in various contexts to assist in accomplishing diverse copywriting tasks. The following are some common types of chatgpt copywriting along with examples:

E-commerce sales copywriting

In e-commerce marketing, sales copy is one of the key elements that attracts consumer attention and drives purchases. Using ChatGPT to write copy allows for the generation of compelling descriptions tailored to different types of products, thereby increasing customer conversion rates.

Typically, when writing copy using ChatGPT, it is important to clearly identify the target audience and provide information about the product’s features, functionalities, advantages, or value. It is also effective to include concrete examples in the copy to enhance consumer trust.

For example, the prompt given to ChatGPT for writing a copy could be as follows: “Imagine yourself as an experienced copywriter skilled in crafting compelling content for ‘Electric Fans’ in the e-commerce industry. Generate a fluent and engaging Traditional Chinese text with a minimum of 300 words.

Based on the provided product details, propose several advertising concepts for sales. The product I am selling is an electric fan, which offers various advantages such as whole-room purification, easy filter maintenance, remote control functionality, whisper-quiet operation, capability to capture harmful gases and fine airborne particles, and a 350-degree oscillation range. It is suitable for office and home use, as well as for individuals with allergies.

Example of e-commerce sales copy
Example of e-commerce sales copy

Advertising Copywriting

Using ChatGPT to craft advertising copy can offer creative and inspiring headlines, serving as an empowering tool for copywriters to generate captivating ad content within a short period of time.

Typically, when using ChatGPT to compose advertising copy, it is necessary to provide relevant information about the advertised product. The emphasis can be placed on highlighting the unique features of the product, addressing consumer pain points, or evoking desires. By creating resonance with consumers, it becomes possible to prompt them to take action.

Additionally, it is crucial to pay special attention to concise and clear headlines that allow potential customers to quickly grasp the message and capture their attention.

For instance, let’s provide a prompt to ChatGPT for writing copy: “With the theme of ‘Summer Sale Extravaganza,’ craft five attention-grabbing ad headlines targeting the promotion of electric fans.” The image below showcases the resulting output.

Chatgpt write ad copy
Chatgpt write ad copy

Social Copywriting

Social media copy wields significant influence in the realm of social media, and employing ChatGPT to compose social media copy can aid in garnering attention, establishing a brand image, and fostering community engagement.

When writing social media marketing copy with ChatGPT, it is important to clearly communicate with your fan base, employing captivating sentences or questions that incorporate elements of storytelling, humor, or emotional appeal. This approach can pique the curiosity and resonance of your target audience, fostering a positive interactive relationship with your fans, while also emphasizing your brand’s core message and establishing its identity.

ChatGPT Prompt for Writing Social Media Copy: You are a social media editor for Facebook. Please write a 200-word Facebook post on the theme of “[Summer Fan Bonanza Sale]” using captivating opening sentences or resonating statements. The post should include interactive content to engage with the fans. The image below shows the output generated by ChatGPT.

chatgpt writes Social Media Copy
Social Media Copywriting

Email Marketing Copywriting

ChatGPT prompt for writing social media copy: You are a Facebook community editor. Please compose a 200-word Facebook post with the theme “[Summer Fan-tastic Deals: Unbeatable Discounts on Fans]” using an engaging opening sentence or a resonating sentence that captures attention.

The post should include interactive content to engage with the followers. The image below shows the output generated by ChatGPT:

Prompt for writing social media copy using ChatGPT: To write engaging email marketing messages, it is essential to have captivating subject lines that increase open and response rates. Keep the titles concise and appealing to grab attention. Provide valuable content while avoiding lengthy discussions. Finally, include a call to action at the end of the email to boost conversion rates.

Writing EDM chatgpt prompt and its output results:

Chatgpt example for writing EDM chatgpt
Writing EDM chatgpt prompt
Chatgpt example for writing EDM chatgpt
Chatgpt example for writing EDM chatgpt

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Notes on writing copy for chatgpt

Understanding the considerations for writing copy with ChatGPT allows us to elevate the quality of our generated content from passing to exceptional, bringing significant benefits to our company or ourselves.

Copywriting optimization and improvement

When crafting copy, it is common to initially fall short of achieving satisfactory results. Continuous optimization and improvement are necessary, taking into account the preferences and needs of the target audience. It is important to assess whether the produced copy is engaging and aligns with the desired content.

Consumer feedback and data analysis

Based on consumer feedback and data analysis, ascertain which elements and phrases elicit higher responses and conversion rates.

A/B test

You can conduct A/B testing by releasing different versions of copy to your target audience. Collect data such as click-through rates and purchasing behavior to analyze and make corresponding adjustments and optimizations.

Listening to consumer feedback

Listen to the feedback and opinions of consumers, gain insights into their pain points and desires, and adjust the content and presentation of the copy to ignite their purchasing desire.

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Does writing copy with ChatGPT bring about a crisis for copywriters?

ChatGPT serves as an excellent assistant in copywriting, yet currently it does not pose a crisis or adversely affect the work of creators. This is primarily because there are several aspects that ChatGPT cannot accomplish when it comes to writing copy.

Lack of creativity and individuality

Due to the nature of ChatGPT being a language model, the generated copies may lack certain emotions, uniqueness, or originality. It still requires the copywriters’ modifications to make the copies more appealing.

Slow update

Marketing copy content needs to align with current affairs in order to captivate consumer attention. Due to the slow update speed of ChatGPT’s training data, the generated content may not meet expectations. It requires collaboration with copywriters to incorporate the latest trends and modify the content, enabling consumers to resonate with it.

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